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Areas: [Smart Cities], [Security], [Localization], [Underwater Networks]

Smart Cities

RFID System on Road (RSR): Employ RFID to construct infrastructures for supporting future applications in vehicular networks.
Disease and Scare Control: Control the spreads of infectious disease and scare via utilizing location and social networking information.
Cognitive Social Networks:
Multipath Routing: Identify the sufficient conditions of k-multipath construction and maintance.
Target Counting:


Anonymous Trust: Evaluate users' trusts while keeping their identities anonymous.
Trusted Sensing: Trusted spectrum sensing for CR networks.
Information Leakage Reduction: Reduce the probability of Information Leakage to unwelcomed users.


RSS Ratio: More stable and controllable RSS related values for Localization.
Fast Localization: Reduce the localization time and enable time-critical LBS applications in ad-hoc networks.

Underwater Networks

Underwater Localization: Projection based localization and time-synchronization free localization.
Marine Mammals Protection: Protect marine mammals from man-made acoustic interference via utilizing cognitive technologies.