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401 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23284, USA
Email: wcheng3 at vcu dot edu
Tel: (804)827-4003 Fax:(804)828-2771


Wei Cheng


UCS Lab looks for visiting researchers and highly motivated students to join our exciting research projects. Please email Dr. Cheng (wcheng3 at vcu dot edu) or drop by Dr. Cheng's office to discuss.

For the students, who are interested and strongly committed to research, please email Dr. Cheng your CV, transcripts, TOEFL (if applicable) and GRE scores, and everything else that you believe will help your application in a single .pdf file. Prior research experience is a plus but is not absolutely necessary. I am particularly interested in working with students who are responsible, brilliant, with solid engineering or math background, and have curiosity and determination to explore the path to develop themselves into outstanding researchers.



Xiaolu Cheng (since 2014)




Mengyu Bai (2015), So Kim (2015), Andrew Sainz (2015)

Lily Hood (2014 B.S.), Thomas Shapiro (2014 B.S.), Matthew Shifflett (2014 B.S.)

High School

Jessica Lu (2015)

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Baohua Huang (2015), Dr. Xin Hai (2015)