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Current Aircraft

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Royal B17

(4) OS .25 FP

Springair Retracts

12 lbs

Balsa USA 1/3 Scale Sopwith Pup built by Howard Crispin

Zenoah G45

~30 lbs

Royal Spirit of St. Louis kit - IMAA legal 80" span

Saito .91 4 stroke

10 lbs

Thunder Tiger Raptor Helicopter

OS .32 SX-H

KSJ Muffler

Telebee HH Gyro

Airtronics RD6000

Gee Bee R2 pedal plane for my son Louie

2 monster-boy legs spinning the lawn mower wheels and plastic, fixed-pitch prop.

Louie plus about 30 lbs

Xcell Fury now flying well - new pictures

OS .61WC 2 stroke

9.5 lbs

Dave Patrick Models Extra 330 ARF - 78" wingspan

Mokie 1.8

About 14 lbs

Fiberclassics Kangaroo

Jetcat P80 turbine

about 20 lbs


Ziroli F9F-2 Panther blown up by 10%

JetCat P-80

Hopefully about 25 lbs

Under construction is a Fun Aero Albatros DII - IMAA Legal 60" wingspan

OS .91 4 stroke

Hopefully less than 10 lbs

In the planning stages is a B-36 like this fine effort by Will Shea. However, I am planning on scaling it up from the original 114" wingspan to a 130" wingspan

6 OS .46 FX's !?!

Hopefully no more than 30-35 lbs

Former Aircraft

Pica 1/5 scale Waco YMF (Sold)

Zeonah G-23

15 lbs

Global Tecate (Sold)

ASP .65 4 Stroke

7 lbs

Modelsport Hornet Micro Helicopter

Totally box stock from the complete kit

F18 Hornet from RCM Plans

OS .61 SFP

Springair Retracts

10-11 lbs

FlighTech 1/4 scale Rutan Quickie - IMAA Legal with a 48" wingspan!

YS .56 4 stroke

About 7 lbs

Like this one being built by Hector L. Parra A. from Maracaibo, Venezuela

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