Global Tecate

This plane has the double wammy - its a Global kit with an ASP engine. Who would guess that's its a such a great plane! It is modified somewhat from the original configuration, but it flys very well and is easy to pop into the car for a trip to the field. I hang it in my workshop in one piece, so its always ready to go. The ASP .65 4 stroke runs like a top and pulls it very well. It doesn't have unlimited vertical or do outside manuvers well, but it rolls, snaps and loops, and is a lot of fun to fly.

During construction, the fuselage had to be modified for the .65 4 stroke to fit. I made a new 1/4" ply firewall that was about 1 1/2" back from the original. I then cut a hole in the original so that the engine could protrude through it. That made enough room for the longer 4 stroke engine to fit completely within the fuse and cowl. I also had to move the engine down about 1/2" from the original thrust line, but that didn't seem to affect the performance (its still parallel to the old thrust line) although it did require modifying the cowling. I also was warned that it might come out tail heavy, so I cut holes in the sheet elevator and rudder surfaces with a hole saw (something I do now on most planes I build to remove weight from the tail). This, along with the fact that I put a 65 4 stroke engine and a 1000 MAh batter in it ment that it balanced at the CG shown on the plans with no additional nose weight. I have since learned that you can balance it as far a 3/4" behind that point. That may help the outside manuvers and the torque rolls.

When I originally built it, I made a mistake and built WASHIN into the wings (the plans don't call for any washout at all). As a result, it would tip stall in a heartbeat. Every landing had to be hot and any flare at all resulted in a touchdown at a 45 degree bank angle after it stalled. The landing gear bent on every landing because of this and the fact that it was too thin a wire. Finally, as a result of a split-S with about 10' too little altitude, I suceeded in rekitting the wings (I broke the cowl too, but the fuse was undamaged). I ordered a new wing kit and cowl from Global for $60 and built the wings with 1/16" of WASHOUT at the tips. I also put a set of $14 landing gear for a Stinger 40 from Lanier on it. That was all it needed to turn it into a great flying plane. Note that nothing except the landing gear wire being too small a diameter is a fault of the original design, just my dumb building and flying mistakes!

The Tecate covered in circus pink and yellow Monokote (it works!) and looks a little different from the pictures here in that the new wings have a pattern like what's shown in the pictures by Global.