FliteTech Models 1/4 Scale Quickie

In case you haven't noticed, I like projects that are a bit unusual. I also tend toward scale models. Well, this project is both, and it has the added benefit of being IMAA legal (because its 1/4 scale) and being able to fit into my Van in one piece (because it has a 48" wing span).

I saw the ad for this kit a few years ago in Model Aviation magazine, and then it disappeared. One day I decided to call and see if it was still available, so I dug up an old ad from FliteTech Models and gave them a call. It turns out that I reached them the day before they were going to turn their phone off - they were closing shop! The owner told me that he could put together a Quickie kit if I was interested, but it had to be in the next week. It seemed to be now or never, so I sent a check. When I got the kit I discovered that he had sent me a complete kit with two cowls and two canopies. I've decided that when I build it, I will cut another kit so I can build two.

Here are some pictures of the same Quickie kit being built by Hector L. Parra A. from Maracaibo, Venezuela. I received a note from Hector that he is about ready to fly his. I'll post his pictures and results as soon as he sends them.