Quantum Computing Lab
Sevag Gharibian
Assistant Professor, P.I.
Sevag obtained his Ph.D. in 2012 from the University of Waterloo in Canada under the supervision of Dr. Richard Cleve. He taught as a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Illinois at Chicago in Fall 2012, and from 2013-2014 was a Postdoctoral Fellow in the group of Dr. Umesh Vazirani at the University of California, Berkeley. He was awarded Canada's top postdoctoral fellowship in 2013, the NSERC Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, and was also a Simons Research Fellow at the Simons Institute for the Theory of Computing at UC Berkeley. In 2014, he joined VCU as an Assistant Professor in Computer Science. He currently serves as Secretary on the Board of Trustees of the Computational Complexity Conference (CCC), and is a Founding Editor of the open-access journal Quantum.
Research Interests
Exact and approximation algorithms, complexity theory, quantum computation.
Current Funding
NSF CCF-1745134, QIP 2018 Student and Postdoctoral Fellow Travel Funding Support, P.I.
NSF CCF-1617710, AF: Small: Approximation algorithms for the quantum mechanical problems, P.I.
NSF CCF-1526189, AF: Small: Exact algorithms for the quantum satisfiability problem, P.I.
(Fall 2017) CMSC 303 Introduction to the Theory of Computation, TR 2-3:15.
(Spring 2017) CMSC 303 Introduction to the Theory of Computation, TR 2-3:15.
(Fall 2016) CMSC 691 Optimization, TR 12:30-1:45. Graduate course.
(Fall 2015) CMSC 491 Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information, TR 12:30-1:45.
Office: Engineering East Hall, Room 4240
Email: sgharibian ((at))vcu((dot)) edu
Twitter: @sevag_gharibian
Phone: (+1)-804-828-0407
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Jianqiang Li
Ph.D. Candidate
Jianqiang Li is a PhD candidate in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Sevag Gharibian. He earned his Bachelor's degree from the School of Mathematics and Statistics at Yunnan University in 2013, and his Master's degree from the School of Computer Science from at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2016. His research interests are in Quantum Computation´╝îQuantum Information theory and Quantum Complexity theory. His current work focuses on Hamiltonian Complexity and approximate algorithms.
Research Interests
Quantum computation, quantum information theory, approximate algorithms and quantum complexity theory.
Email: lij36((at))vcu((dot))edu

Seyran Saeedi
Ph.D. Candidate
Seyran Saeedi is a PhD candidate in Computer Science under the supervision of Dr. Sevag Gharibian. She earned her Master's degree in computer science in subfield of quantum information from the University of Tehran, Iran, in 2011, and has taught as an instructor at University of Tehran for two years. She is interested in the research areas of Quantum Computation, Quantum Information, Quantum Complexity Theory, and Information Theory. Her current work focuses on the topic of quantum satisfiability problems.
Research Interests
Quantum computation, quantum information, quantum complexity theory, and information theory
Email: saeedis((at))vcu((dot))edu

Alumni (Reverse Chronological Order)

Justin Yirka, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2015-2016
(Currently a VCU undergraduate student in CS on a full VCU Presidential Scholarship.)

Aidan Collins, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2014-2015
(Currently a VCU CS Masters student in cryptography.)