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  • Nanomedicine Entity Extraction. Bridget McInnes, Ryan Murphy, Gabrielle Jones, Marley Hodson, Tanin Izadi, Ivan Jimenez, and Nastassja Lewinski. To Appear in the American Medical Informatics Symposium (AMIA), November 2016. (poster)
  • END, an Annotated Nanomedicine Corpus. Nastassja Lewinski, Marley Hodson, Tanin Izadi, Ivan Jimenez, Ryan Murphy, Gabrielle Jones and Bridget McInnes. To Appear in the International Nanotoxicology Congress (nanoTOX), June 2016. (poster)
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  • Using Domain Specific Information for Word Sense Disambiguation. Bridget T. McInnes, Ted Pedersen and John Carlis. Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computing, October 2007, Orlando, Florida. (code: CuiTools; poster: pdf)
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  • TLR at DUC: Tree Similarity F. Schilder, A. McCulloh, A. Zhou, Thomson Legal and Regulatory, B.T. McInnes, University of Minnesota, Document Understanding Conference (DUC), 2005.
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