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This page contains the various software modules developed in our lab. They are made available under the terms of GNU General Public License. Both data and software are distributed without any warranty.

For any questions regarding the content of this page, please contact Bridget McInnes, btmcinnes at


  • UMLS-Association is a suite of Perl Modules that can quantify the association between biomedical and clinical terms using co-occurrence information from the Medline Baseline. [download].
UMLS-Interface UMLS-SenseRelate UMLS-Similarity SemMed-Interface Algorithm-LDA
  • Algorithm-LDA is a perl module that implements Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Topic Modeling. [download].
  • MetaMap-Datastrutures is a perl module that provides a container for the information extracted from machine readable MetaMap mapped text. [download].