VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Fall 2013

Speaker (click on title for abstract)
Tues. Sep. 10 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Anke van Zuylen, William & Mary
The traveling salesman problem, 2-matchings, and the subtour LP
Tues. Sep. 17 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Mike Jacobson, NSF and University of Colorado, Denver
``Graph saturation''
Tues. Sep. 24 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Gexin Yu, William & Mary
Strong edge-colorings for k-degenerate graphs
Tues. Oct. 1 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Dan Cranston, VCU
Graphs with χ = Δ have big cliques
Tues. Oct. 8 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Neil Robertson, Ohio State
The nature of mathematical conjecture
Tues. Oct. 15 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Richard Hammack, VCU
A prime factor theorem for bipartite graphs
Tues. Oct. 22 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Walter Morris, George Mason
Recent results on cycle bases
Tues. Oct. 29 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Yongjia Song, VCU
Chance-constrained reliably-connected network design
Tues. Nov. 5 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Geir Agnarsson, George Mason
On graph labellings, their complexities and connection to group theory
Tues. Nov. 12 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Lowell Abrams, George Washington
A colorful family of Nim-like arrays
Tues. Nov. 19 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Amanda Streib, Center for Computing Sciences
Mixing times of self-organizing lists and biased permutations
Tues. Nov. 29
Harris 4119
Tues. Dec. 3 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Craig Larson, VCU
A graph theoretic model to explain `what every chemist knows'
Mon. Dec. 9
(special day)
(special time)
Harris 4153
(special room)
Suvrajeet Sen, U of Southern California
Is There Further Evidence of Moore's Law for Algorithms/Software?

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