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Lesson 4

Verbs of existence/verb to be (2)

   Now let us see the present form of the auxiliary verb "Ala = was ". 
	the present form of Ala is "hala". 

             ana ....... haleko           I  am  ( present )
             enti ...... haleki           You are
             enta ...... haleka           You are(m)
             hta ....... halet            She is 
             htu ......  hala             He is 
             nHna ...... halena           We are
             entn ...... halekn           You (p,f) are
             entum ..... halekum          You (p,m)
             hten .....  haleya           they (p,f)  
             htom .....  halew            they(p,m)

Example 4.1: let us look at an example from one of Al-Amin's songs 

            ana sabr haleko            I am patient
            ask sebr abieni            until patience hates me
            we ana sabr haleko         and I am patient
            ask leKaleq red'ani        until the Creator rescues me

         ana sabr haleko I am patient ( I am waiting in patience )
         enti  sabret  haleki    you (s,f) are patient
         enta  sabr    haleka    you (s,m) are patient
         hta   sabret  halet     she    is patient
         htu   sabr    hala      he  is patient
         nHna  sabram  halena    we are patient
         entn  sabrat  halekn    you(p,f) are patient
         entum sabram  halekum   you(p,m) are patient
         hten  sabrat  haleya    they (p,f) are patient
         htom  sabram  halew     they (p,m) are patient

   Let us summarize this, the verb conjugation for "sebr = patience" would be 
         sabr         for (m,s)  I , you , he
         sabret       for (f,s)  I , you , she
         sabram       for (m,p)  we, they
         sabrat       for (f,p)  we, they

    In the previous lesson we learned "geys =to go". megyas is the act 
    of travelling. One who is to travel is also called " beAl megyas" i.e. 
   she/he will start her/his journey soon but not yet. Then one may ask 

Example 4.2:
        beli amna , beAl megyas enti ma sabret ?
        say Amna , are you going to travel or not? (sabret = not travelling).

        beAl megyas enta ma sabr ?   
        Are you (m) going to travel (soon) or not?

       Also " beAl gebey " is for one already on the road (gebey) travelling.

        beAl gebey tu  = he is a traveller. 
        beAl gebey sefa Haze we mestey = a traveller needs (Haze) food
                                         (sefa) and drink (mestey)

     Let us take one more example and do the same thing for Hmam = sickness

Example 4.3:

     e.g.  Musa Hmum hala
           Musa Hmum Ala

    To refresh your memory:

         amna esit Abay ta.            Amna is an old woman.
         dib melebso (t)nebr Alet.     She was living at melebso( the t is 
                                       almost silent).
         aze dib afAbet (t)nebr halet. now she lives at Afabet.


    In this lesson we have learned the following new words

    sebr            patience
    megyas          going/travelling
    beAl megyas     a would be traveller
    gebey           road
    beAl gebey      traveller
    sefa            food taken particularly to last a journey
    mestey          drink
    nebr            living 
    aze             now 
    dib             at

                  End of Lesson 4

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