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Time ==> wekt

seAt  	hour
deqiq 	minute
Different times during the day are:
grga, grg  	day, 			grgat 		 days     
gerk  		day time
briksna 	dawn                    qas  		forenoon (duration)
ksera  		forenoon                adaHa  		noon 
gurab  		morning                 kurngired  	afternoon   
fadus  		noon                    kungn  		evening
kwarileb  	sunset                	qir  		night
ameqreb  	dusk                   	qirebelng  	midnight
nki    		today
emeri  		tomorrow
emerin gra  	the day after tomorrow
injengi   	yesterday
nuQwsingi  	the day before yesterday
nuQwseji  	four days before today (four days back)

Days of the Week

unar  			week, 		
unarat  		weeks
unar dekwaKw  		last week
unar enteraKw   	next week
unar dembera  		the following week
unar jabera  		the previous week

Names of the Days of the Week

senu  			Monday
seling  		Tuesday
lebwa (or leGwa)  	Wednesday
amd  			Thursday
ar 			Friday
senber shuGwaKw  	Saturday (lit. junior  Sunday)  
senber qdakw  		Sunday (lit. senior Sunday)  

Months, year.

arba  			month, 		
arfif  			months
amera  			year, 		
ametat  		years
nenGwi  		this year
amar  			next year
amar dembera  		the year after next year
unqunGwi  		last year
seKwamar  		the year before last year
sejamar  		four years back
The usual calender starts in September but nowadays the Gregorian calender is in use (officially). The names of the different months correspond to some traditional or religious celebrations/festival in that month.
January  			ldetri (of Christmas)
February 			kebaKbti
kbla        			March
fajKiri  			April
gnbotri (or kbitri)  		May
mkiel tNGwaniri  		June (lit. Of Spring Michael)
kwerku  			July
maryamtri    			August (lit. of Mary)  
yaKenitri or yaKeni mesaqleri 	September
metelu  			October
mkiel meshweri  		November (lit. Of Harvest time Michael)
tHsasri  			December
In the Julian calender, there are five extra days between August and September called Gwaqume (Pagumen, in geez).
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