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Lesson 25

Question Words

What, who, which, why, when, where, how

The following words start a question.

1. What: wreni, wra

enti wreni gabraKun? What do you speak? an deshkli gabekun = I speak Tigringa. wra yrKun? What did you say?

2. Who: awni, awi (Singular); awrew (Plural)

an net wanet awni duwiKunka? Who told you that I am here? awni gn Dehaili Blin mehersaKw? Who studies Blin in Dehai? awni gn president ErtriKw? Who is the president of Eritrea? awi = who ... that: Poem:
awi duwiKunka ybabusi deleido Alem dekwro tekela dekwro wanu weleydo Who is the one that told you about my intentions? The world(life) seems everlasting although it passes very quickly awrew (plural) = who Dehaili geriw ketebew awrew gn? Who are (the ones) that write a lot on Dehai?

3. Which: awin (Singular masculine)

awini (Singular feminine) awen (Plural) awis (to which, Singular) awes (to which, Plural, or whom) awin: ena lenga quraqurld awin gn ku dan? Which of these two boys is your brother? awini: ena lenga enqaqeld awini gn ku shani? Which of these two girls is your sister? awin kidaKun Asmarama ima Keren? Which is better, Asmara or Keren? Kerendi Asmaraditld awis enkeldaKun? Which do you like Keren or Asmara? HagaiKa Asmaras shqKa Kerensi enkelekun I like Asmara during the summer and Keren during the rainy season. awen: ena kew neld awen gn Cer? Which of these people are your collegaues? Dehaili hmbewld awes amabebdto frirdaKun? Which do you prefer (reading) in Dehai? Poletika aKgewsk frirekun I prefer (choose) everything except Politics.

4. How = awaKe, awahabre = how do

menkinet awake feraKun? How does a car move? Computer awaKe kedemaKun? How does a computer operate? Computerli awahabre ketebraKun? How do you write in a computer? kew Ertril awahabine seseAnaKun? How do people dance in Eritrea? ferdo kulawd Qwali = Go and see (= find) yourself

5. Why = wriKw

wriKw Blin mehersraKun? Why do you study Blin? kol ferosena gabiyar metan = To speak it when I visit home wriKw Dehaili turuKun? Why did you subscribe to Dehai? yi koqurdi jingistiyer metan = In order to chat with my country people.

6. When = awn; aweka = which date or day

awn mdatno gn? When shall we eat lunch? nan = now nin awn ketebraKw gn? When did you write this? emana = Before (then); jabit yo ketebaKw gn = I wrote it a litle while. awn dratno gn? When shall we eat our dinner? dembrng = later on awn Dehaili turuKun? When did you enter (subscribe to) Dehai? unQwngi = Last year Afyet kol aweka ferto gn? When will Afyet go home? senu demberes = Next Monday aweka uKwarsrKun? When were you born? sekwetrengn ameri jab = Before 80 years ku emn ma? = Are you sure(serious)? kulawd qeyesi = Guess yourslef. ertra aweka Awtitin? When did Eritrea succeed? (i.e. became independent? welta ameri jab = before six years. aweka ferduKun America? When did you go to america? (en)seka enti uKwarsraka = The time when you were born. (enseka = seka = That time, date)

7. Where = awet, awil = towards (where)

awet shows a point in which a certian movement ends (the dstination). awil shows the direction of the movement (= towards). shka ameri jab awet sengraKun? Where were you before ten years? Asmara sengekun = I was in asmara. liK ameri jab awet sengraKun? Where were you 100 years ago? uKwarso sengeli = I was not born. naan awil ferdaKun enkurKun? Where are you going now? kol aKrasi ferekun = I am going (towards) home

8. Whom = awti (Sigular); awes = whom (Plural)

awti enkeldaKun ku iKrsima ima ku genet? Whom do you love, your mother or your father? lengertk enkelekun = I love both of them anadi ygenet enkelekun = as to me, I love my mother. awes redeyraKun qursima ima enqaqsi? Whom do you dare, boys or girls? natkr = all of them

9. Whose = awruKw (masc, S), awtri (fem, S); awru (plural); awr-

Dehai awruKw gn? Whose is dehai? rtriqurdukw gn = It is Eritrean. ena computer nini awtri gn? Whose is this computer? yri gn = It is mine. ena lengnti geriw awru gn = Whose are these many houses? rduqanu gn = They are the rich(es)'. awr menkinetd ferdaKun? Whose car are you going with/by? yi madatrisi = on My friend's (car).

10. How many/much: wrikew, wriskew

Dehaitl wrikew hmbenaKun? How many are in Dehai? lenga siH = 2000. ena seladi nes ihni shibilom wriskew gn: Take this money, count how much it is.

11. How much: awi Aded, awi qyas

wriko seladi shaKruKun? How much money do you have? Aded ingew gn = uncountable. nd Had aKla = It is not so much. awi Aded seladi shaKruKun? What amount of money do you have? nd Had aKla = It is not so much.

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