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Numerals (II)

(Ordinal Numerals)

While cardinal numerals are used for simple counting, ordinal numerals are used to give the order in which something is given. Ordi nal numerals are gender specific in Blin. Feminine is formed by adding -i to the masculine form, as lingr (second), lingeri.

Order (Masculine)

First       			selfa, selfuKw
Second      			linger
Third       			siKwer               
Fourth      			sejer              
Fifth       			ankwer
Sixth       			welter
seventh     			lengeter
Eighth      			sekweter        
Ninth       			seser
Tenth       			shker
Eleventh    			shka laKw
Twelvth     			shka linger
Twentieth   			lengerengn

Order (Feminine)

First selfri Second lingeri Third siKweri Fourth sejeri Fifth ankweri Sixth welteri seventh lengeteri Eighth sekweteri Ninth seseri Tenth shkeri Eleventh shka laKw Twelvth shka lingeri Twentieth lengerengn For more than twenty, the word "ab" (part) is also added: 23rd lengereng-disiKwer ab


1/2 one half gef 1/3 one third siKwrng 1/4 one fourth sejrng, rbU 1/5 one fifth ankwrng 1/6 one sixth weltrng 1/7 one seventh lengetrng 1/8 one eighth seKwetrng 1/9 one ninth sesr'ng 1/10 one tenth shker ab 2 1/2 two and half lengadi gefdi 3 1/4 three and quarter seKwadi sejr'ngdi, or seKwadi rbU'di 6 1/2 six and half weltadi gefdi There is another form of representing fractions: by adding ab to the ordinal numeral: 1/2 linger ab 1/3 sikwer ab 1/4 sejer ab 1/5 ankwer ab 4/5 seja ankwrng 12 dozen Ibela 25 (equivalent to 1/4 of a quintal) gebeta

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