Biol 591 
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Course at a Glance : Partial list of topics
Fall 2002 

  Scientific Problem Bioinformatic Tool
1 Identification of a possible regulatory site in genomic DNA Simple simulations, Pattern search programs
2 Comparison of genomes of pathogenic and nonpathogenic bacteria, looking for genes responsible for pathogenesis Parsing programs
3 Alignment of mystery sequence with known anthrax toxins Sequence alignment
4 Analysis of a biochemical pathway in order to determine the best site to target a drug Metabolic modeling
5 Search for set of genes with common regulation Position-specific probability matrices
6 Distinguishing different types of leukemia in order to target treatment Statistical analysis of microarray data
7 Identification of genes of foreign origin Hidden Markov models
8 Prediction of small molecule that can target receptor of pharmaceutical importance Molecular modeling
9 Identification of likely source of emerging pathogen Phylogenetic analysis