Biol 591 
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Fall 2002 
Discovery through modeling of metabolic pathways

Scientific story (html)

In brief: You are looking for the biochemical weak point in the defenses of a deadly parasite. You know the rates at which the enzymes of a pathway operate. How do you translate this information into a computer model that can predict the effect of hypothetical drugs?
Bioinformatic tools
Metabolic modeling
     Homegrown programs to illustrate how metabolic models are made and modified.
Presentation - Biological example of a metabolic model (ppt)


ADP-As(Homegrown version)
A simple molecular model of the spontaneous breakdown of ADP-AsO4, a derivative of ADP formed during treatment of patients with arsinicals (once used in treating sleeping sickness).
glycolysis(Homegrown version)
A model of the reactions of glycolysis, including the transport of glucose into the cell and the export of pyruvate.
Perl focus: Array operations..

Problem Set - Just one for this scenario (html)