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  1. Dr. Giyyo Kido, NIMS, Japan
  2. Dr. Andrey Varfolomeev, Kurchatov Institute, Russia
  3. Prof. Subir Kumar Sarkar, Jadavpur University, India
  4. Prof. Brajesh Kumar Kaushik, Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee, Fulbright Scholar


  1. Mr. Dan R. Poole, M. S. (at Notre Dame), Thesis: Modeling of Phase-coherent Effects in Transient Quantum Transport. Present location and employment unknown.
  2. Mr. Syed Haider, M. S. (at Notre Dame), Thesis: Study of Electrical Contacts to AlGaAs/GaAs and InGaAs/AlGaAs/InAlAs Modulation Doped Heterostructures and FETs. Present location and employment unknown.
  3. Dr. Nina Telang, M. S. and Ph.D. (at Notre Dame), M. S. Thesis: The Effect of Collision Retardation on Hot Carrier Transport in a Quantum Well. Ph.D. Dissertation: Monte Carlo Simulation of Hot Carrier Magnetotransport in One Dimensional Structures and Devices. Currently adjunct faculty in the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin.
  4. Dr. Santanu Chaudhuri, M. S. (at Notre Dame), Thesis: Quantum Transport in the Presence of Elastic Interactions and a Magnetic Field. Obtained his Ph.D. from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Last known affiliation: Employed at Intel Corp., Santa Clara, California.
  5. Dr. Suresh Subramaniam, Ph.D. (at Notre Dame), Dissertation: Experimental Study of Electron Quantum Transport in Backgated Modulation Doped GaAs/AlGaAs Heterostructures. Employed at Texas Instruments, Richardson, Texas.
  6. Dr. Gautam Banerjee, Post-doctoral associate (at Notre Dame). Research: Electrochemical self-assembly. Present location and employment unknown.
  7. Dr. Alexander Balandin, M.S., Ph.D. and post-doc (at Notre Dame and Nebraska), M. S. Thesis: Quantum Confined Lorentz Effet. Ph. D. Dissertation: Magneto-Excitonic and Non-linear Magneto-Optical Properties of Quantum Wires (Merrill Lynch Award). Currently University of California Presidential Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering at University of California-Riverside.
  8. Dr. Alexei Svizhenko, Ph.D. (at Notre Dame and Nebraska), Dissertation: Optical and Electronic Fluctuation Phenomena and Noise in Quantum Wires and Dots. Employed at Synopsis, California.
  9. Ms. Deyang Yu, M. S. (at Nebraska), Thesis: Mesoscopic Superconductivity. Currently Senior Consultant, Citigroup, Jersey City, New Jersey.
  10. Ms. Seema Nair, M. S. (at Nebraska), Thesis: Coulomb Crystals: Magnetic and Superconducting Properties. Currently Professional Services Executive at Apttus, San Francisco, California.
  11. Dr. Arseni Goussev, M. S. (at Nebraska), Thesis: Theoretical studies of hot carrier transport in extreme quantum confined nanowires with both electron and phonon confinement. Obtained his Ph.D. from University of Maryland, College Park, MD. Post-doc researcher at Max Planck Institute, Germany. Currently Senior Lecturer of Mathematics, Northumbria University, UK.
  12. Dr. Nikolai Kouklin, Ph.D. (at Nebraska), Dissertation: Self Assembly of Nanostructures for Applications in Electronics and Optics. Currently Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  13. Dr. Latika Menon, Post-doctoral associate (at Nebraska), Research: Electrochemical Self Assembly of Nanostructures. Currently Associate Professor of Physics, Northeastern University, Boston.
  14. Dr. Souvik Datta, Post-doctoral associate (at Nebraska), Research: Magnetic properties of nanostructures. Present location and employment unknown
  15. Dr. Sandipan Pramanik, M.S., Ph.D. and post-doc (at Virginia). MS Thesis: Spin Dephasing in Quantum Wires. Ph.D. Dissertation: Spin Polarized Transport in Nanoscale Devices. Post-doc research: Spin Transport in Organic Nanostructures. Currently Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Alberta, Canada.
  16. Dr. Ansuman Banerjee, M. S. (at Virginia), Thesis: Nanosynthesis Using Porous Anodic Alumina. Obtained his Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati. Employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  17. Mr. Yanbin Wang, M. S. (at Virginia). Thesis: Infrared electro-absorption and Stark modulation in quantum dots. Employed at Micron Technology, Manassas, Virginia.
  18. Dr. Carmen-Gabriela Stefanita, Post-doctoral associate (at Virginia), Research: Spin Transport in Organic and Inorganic Nanostructures. Employed at Quantitative Credit Risk Analytics, Boston, Massachusetts.
  19. Dr. Sridhar Patibandla, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Spin Transport Studies in Spin Valves and Magnetic Tunnel Junctions. Employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  20. Dr. Bhargav Kanchibotla, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Organics for optics and spintronics. Employed at First Solar, OH
  21. Dr. Sivakumar Ramanathan, M. S. and Ph.D. (at Virginia), M. S. Thesis: Optical Characterization of Electrochemically Self-Assembled Compound Semiconductor Nanowires. Ph. D. Dissertation: Optical and Electronic Properties of Compound and Transistion Metal Doped Semiconductor Nanowires. Employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  22. Dr. Lopamudra Das, M. S. (at Virginia), Thesis: Infrared spectroscopy of organic nanostructures. Ph.D. in Materials Science from the College of William and Mary.
  23. Dr. Pratik Agnihotri, M. S. (at Virginia), Thesis: Study of 1/f noise in nanowires and photodetectors. Ph.D. from State University of New York, Albany. Employed at Global Foundries, New York. Currently employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  24. Dr. Kuntal Roy, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Straintronics. Currently Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research, Bhopal, India.
  25. Dr. Ayan Kumar Biswas, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Hybrid Straintronics and Spintronics: Energy-efficient non volatile devices of Boolean and non-Boolean Computation. Post-doctoral associate at Carnegie Mellon University. Currently employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  26. Dr. Hasnain Ahmed, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Straintronic memory arrays and magneto-tunneling junctions for extremely energy-efficient computing. Presently post-doctoral associate at IMEC, Belgium.
  27. Dr. Md. Iftekhar Hossain, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Coherent Spin Transport at Room Temperature in Nanowire Spin Valves. Employed at Texas Instruments, Texas.
  28. Dr. Justine L. Drobitch, Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Fabrication and Simulation of Nanomagnetic Devices for Information Processing. Employed at Intel Corp., Hilsboro, Oregon.
  29. Dr. Md Ahsanul Abeed Ph.D. (at Virginia), Dissertation: Non-Boolean Computing and Information Processing with Nanomagnets. Presently employed at Micron Technology, Inc., Boise, Idaho
  30. Ms. Raisa Fabiha (at Virginia), current Ph.D. student.
  31. Ms. Rahnuma Rahman (at Virginia), current Ph.D. student.


  1. Philip Marzolff (at Notre Dame), quantum fluctuations, current location and employment unknown.
  2. Eric Miller (at Nebraska), quantum transport, current location unknown.
  3. Jamillah Greene (at Nebraska/NSF-REU), nanomagnetism, current location and employment unknown.
  4. Vatsala Sadasivan (at Nebraska), electrochemical self-assembly, current location and employment unknown.
  5. Angelica Wong (at Nebraska), infrared photodetectors, current location and employment unknown.
  6. Shivali Reddy (at Virginia), electrochemical self assembly, current location and employment unknown.
  7. Carlos De Leon (at Virginia), electrochemical self-assembly, current location and employment unknown.
  8. Rahat Mujib (at Virginia), quantum computing, current location and employment unknown.
  9. C. V. Rohan (at Virginia), spintronics, current location and employment unknown (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Kharagpur).
  10. Harsh Agarwal (at Virginia), spintronics, M. S. from University of Minnesota. Currently at Lam Research, San Francisco (international intern from Benaras Hindu University - Insitutute of Technology).
  11. Amit Ranjan Trivedi (at Virginia), spintronics, Ph.D. from Georgia Tech. and currently Assistant Professor (tenure track) at the Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois at Chicago (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Kanpur).
  12. Debanjan Bhowmick (at Virginia), spintronics, Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, currently Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Kharagpur).
  13. Arkasnato Neogy (at Virginia), spintronics, M.S. from UC Berkeley and currently employed in industry (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Kharagpur).
  14. Pramey Upadhyaya (at Virginia), spintronics, Ph.D. and post-doctoral research at UCLA. Currently Assistant Professor - Tenure track at the School of Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Kharagpur).
  15. Sarvesh Pandey (at Virginia), spintronics, Last known affiliation: Lead analyst, CommerzVentures, Frankfurt, Germany. Founder, Awadh Sanskar Samiti, an organization to support the cause of education and social development, Pratapgarh, UP, India (international intern from Indian Insitutute of Technology, Roorkee).
  16. Sophie Baldwin, electrochemical self-assembly (at Virginia).


  1. Krishnan Srinivasan, coercivity of magnetic nanowires, B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University, currently graduate student at Stanford University.
  2. Amit Shukla, optical properties of nanowires, undergraduate degree from University of Virginia, currently working in industry.
  3. Saumil Bandyopadhyay, quantum engineered nanowire photodetectors and spin transport in nanowires, B. S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently graduate student at MIT.
  4. James Tyler, anti-microbial properties of electrochemically self assembled silver nanowires, currently undergraduate student at United States Military Academy at West Point.
  5. David Winters, magneto-elastic switching of nanomagnets with various types of defects. Currently undergraduate student at University of Virginia, Charlottesville.
  6. Mason McCray, correlated probability generators implemented with dipole coupled straintronic magneto-tunneling junctions: Simulations.
  7. John Simmons, min cut optimization with neural networks
  8. Kyle Hedrick, reflection and refraction of spin at the interface of a semiconductor and a topological insulator.
  9. Aditya Aurora, combinatorial optimization problems.