Module on Personal Programming
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Spring 2009

I. Basic Information

A. Your name 

B. (Nested questionnaire!) Please take the following postliminary survey:

C. Please list what programming experience you may have had prior to today

II. Retrospective on today's activities
What problems did you encounter as you began working with BioBIKE?

What parts of the language do you find to be intuitive? Nonintuitive? Irritating?

What suggestions do you have to make the language more useful or easier to use?

III. Outcome
To what degree do you think that the ability to program a computer for your own uses would be useful to you and your work?

Please describe your perception on how well you feel you would be able to use computer programming in your work should the need arise.

IV. Meta-questions
Put here any miscellaneous comments, questions, suggestions, concerns you may have.


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