Preliminary Survey
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For each question, please give in plain English how you interpret each item,
supplementing the description with a mathematical expression when appropriate.

Please also comment on any difficulties or uncertainties you had in understanding what the item was trying to say.

I. Basic Information

A. Your name  

II. Questions

  1. Interpretation


  2. Interpretation


  3. Interpretation


  4. Interpretation


  5. Interpretation

  6. (DEFINE list-of-names AS (READ "list-of-names.txt"))
    (SORT (SECOND IN-EACH (SPLIT list-of-names AT ",")))


  7. Interpretation

  8. (/ (! n) (* (! a) (- n a)))

    In the following questions, treat: org = your favorite organismx

  9. Interpretation


  10. Interpretation

III. Anything else?
Put here any comments, questions, suggestions, concerns that don't fit anywhere else.
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