Color Theory
2004 section
- VCU Honors
David J. Bromley, adjunct faculty


Student Projects:

Brief History of Color and Symbolism in National Flags by Aaron Larrimore

Upper Paleolithic Art by Aaron Larrimore

"The Lionkeeper" after Norman Rockwell by Catherine Vrtis

Color Wheel / Painting Experiment by Chris Turney

Paintings in the Style of a Child by Elizabeth Garrett

Illustrated Poem Booklet by Emily Spitzer

Paintings Demonstrating the Relativity of Color by Erin Neff

Dreamcatcher by Jacob Pretko

The Evolution of Color in the American Automotive Industry by Jithin R. Veer

The Water Spider by Jon-Erik Houser

How Color Determines the Image as Much as Form by Karlyn Fedosh

Four Small Paintings by Kathryn Ross

The Book of Kells by Laura King

Evolution of Color Terminology by Melissa Bollbach

Bridget Riley by Mike Talley

The Psychology and Physiology of Color by Sarwar Nassiry