Dan Cranston

I am an Assistant Math Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University, where I co-organize the Discrete Math Seminar. My research interests are mainly in graph theory and algorithms, but I'm also interested in most areas of discrete math. Here's my cv. Below are links to my papers, talks I've given, and slides from some of the talks. The best way to reach me is via email: dcranston at vcu dot edu


Download: A Guide to the Discharging Method
This 77-page tutorial (lecture notes with many exercises) that I wrote with Douglas West aims to illustrate and demystify the discharging method, which is most well known for its central role in the proof of the 4 Color Theorem.

I've had the privilege to collaborate with many smart people. (I have 38 coauthors to date.) By clicking below, you can read about some of them.

Michael Albertson, Yuehua Bu, David Bunde, Erin Chambers, Rok Erman, Jacob Fox, Wenjie He, Sogol Jahanbekam, Candace Kent, Jaehoon Kim, Seog-Jin Kim, Bill Kinnersley, Nitish Korula, Tim LeSaulnier, Yu-Chang Liang, Kevin Milans, MickaŽl Montassier, Charles Mullens, Suil O, Anja Pruchnewski, Greg Puleo, Landon Rabern, Andrť Raspaud, Yufa Shen, Riste Skrekovski, Cliff Smyth, Chris Stocker, Hal Sudborough, Zsolt Tuza, Jennifer Vandenbussche, Margit Voigt, Weifan Wang, Douglas West, Gexin Yu, Reza Zamani, Lingmin Zhang, Guoping Zheng, and Xuding Zhu.

Fall 2014 Teaching
This fall I am teaching two classes: Math 307 Multivariate Calculus and Math 515 Numerical Analysis I. For each class, everything is on Blackboard.

Sabbatical during Spring 2013
During Spring 2013 I was on sabbatical and often visited George Mason University. I spoke a number of times near Baltimore and Washington, as well as traveled a fair bit. In particular, I spent about 2 weeks in Illinois and about 2 weeks in China, at Zhejiang Normal University. More details of my talks and trips (both past and upcoming) are available from the calendar below.