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If you are a prospective student, we're glad you are interested in VCU for your musical studies. To help prepare you for the audition process we have put some information on these pages which may be helpful. Use the menu on your left to access various resources that may help you prepare for the theory placement exams. You are also welcome to browse the current course information to see what the students are doing in some of the current classes being offered and are welcome to use any of the other theory resources available on this site.

Incoming music majors are highly encouraged to begin the development of a number of skills prior to the beginning of the fall semester. Some knowledge of the piano keyboard and rudimentary playing ability are extremely valuable skills to have for success in the core curriculum. If possible, find a local piano teacher and begin private study before arriving on campus. In the lessons, it may also be possible for the teacher to introduce some basic sight-singing and ear-training techniques. Work in this area is also highly recommended! If you would like more information about how best to prepare for your freshman year, please feel free to email me at