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Welcome to the home of the VCU Music Theory program. Feel free to browse these pages and use whatever materials you may find useful. Visit the Worksheet Warehouse to view or download practice work (and answer sheets!) on scales, intervals, triads, figured bass, harmonization of melodies, and much more. On Anthology Avenue you will find audio files and provocative questions relating to Music for Analysis, an anthology of music excerpts used in our theory curriculum. Click on the Resources button to find a potpourri of lessons, drills, downloads and links to other excellent music theory web sites. If you still have questions, try the FAQ's link or email me at .

Check out the "Ultra, Super-Amazing, Fixed Do Keyboard, Plus!". Special thanks to Megan King for supplying the improved voices!

By request, Jeremy's, "I Can't Play My 'Bone in the Dorm, but I Still Need to Transcribe" Keyboard-Keyboard

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Look for changes on the site soon as we welcome our new coordinator of musicianship studies, Dr. James Wiznerowicz, and a refreshing, new approach to theory and aural skills development.