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Last updated: Thursday, August 21, 2003 9:52 AM


Tuesday, May 27: Keep practicing. Download and print the compound time examples found here.

Previous assignments

Wednesday: Latest quiz grades are now posted. I haven't dropped your lowest yet, but will do so later.

Tuesday, 4/29: Don't forget to come to the final exam on May 6 at 9:15. Dictation will be first up followed by sightsinging. I will have a signup sheet for you that morning. Please let me know if you have particular scheduling needs.

Check back tomorrow to see how you fared on the latest dictation quizzes. I will post them sometime tonight.

MacGamut files are due to me on Tuesday! Your grades will go in Wednesday, so if I haven't received anything from you, I'll have to give you a 0 for these levels.

See you Tuesday!

Thursday, 4/24: Prepare for yet another quiz on Tuesday! Continue to practice sight-singing. MacGamut levels will be due on the day of the final. Don't put it off!

Thursday, 4/17: Expect real quizzes on dictation next week. Final exams are soon! MacGamut levels will be due soon! Pressure! Hurry! Get it done!

Tuesday, 4/15: Quiz on chords and harmonic dictation on Thursday. Begin working on final sight-singing and rhythm-reading assignments for the final exam.

Thursday, 4/10: Sorry I couldn't make it to class today. Strep throat is the diagnosis. Final exams are coming up shortly, so I will be giving short dictation quizzes every time we meet to get you up to speed. For Tuesday, expect to be quizzed on intervals and melodic dictation. Thursday, chords and harmonic dictation. If you are behind in your levels, now is the time to get moving!

Thursday, 4/3: Sight-singing test next Tuesday on rhythms #174-181 (all) and singing #130-146. If you failed to sign up on Thursday, just come to my office on Tuesday and be prepared to sing!

Sightsinging times for Tuesday - click here.

Grades are now posted - just click on the link.

Tuesday, 3/25: You should be working in your sightsinging book on rhythms #174-185 and melodies #130-146. Don't stop doing MacGamut, especially melodic and harmonic dictation.

Thursday, 2/27: Sightsinging test (#106-124, even numbers only) on Tuesday! To get all of you done in one class period, we have to work fast. So have your books ready, be near the door, and don't waste any time when you come into my office. Let's go in reverse alphabetical order; last names starting with:

  • P-R: 11:00 am
  • C-M: 11:15 am
  • A-B: 11:35 am

MacGamut mid-term on Thursday. Check syllabus for levels required. Send me your startup file whenever you have some progress to show.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, 2/25: Sorry about class today. Get to work on MacGamut and email your startup files so I can view your progess. If you are having trouble getting MacGamut to work, please visit their web site, get their phone number, and call them for help. We're almost half way through the semester already!

Tuesday, 2/18: Really get going on your MacGamut practice. I will be awarding MacGamut points to those of you that send me your startup file and have done a reasonable amount of work (you may not have passed many levels, but have attempted many examples).

Sing daily!

Thursday, 2/13: Have a new resource for you courtesy of Dr. Eldridge - rhythm dictation exercises (Take a trip to Dictation Station in the Resource section). If you are struggling with rhythm dictation in class, you should definitely do these for practice. And get working on MacGamut. Next week I will be collecting your startup files and awarding points for your progress so far. No progress, no points. Remember, a portion of your grade is based on your MacGamut work.

Keep sightsinging........

Tuesday, 2/11: MacGamut, MacGamut, MacGamut! If you haven't sent me your startup file, do it now! You should be passing levels in all but harmonic dictation by now! In the next week or so I will collecting your startup files to check your progress! Get going!

You also need to be practicing your sightsinging as always. Ottman melodies #106-124 is what you should be working on at the moment. Learn them. Please. Pretty please.

Keep working on sightsinging. Check the syllabus (the calendar) to see where you should be working right now. Get going on MacGamut as soon as possible!

Tuesday, 1/21/2003: Download the MacGamut presets file: (right-click me and save the file to your hard drive). When MacGamut starts up, click yes to "change presets?". Then find the presets file that you just downloaded to your computer. Once it's loaded one time, you won't have to do it again! Finally, once you have completed all of that, attach your startup file to an email to me so I can check to see that you have done everything correctly.

For Thursday, practice the following examples in the Ottman sight-singing book: #18-21 and #57-69. Practice frequently!

Don't forget to look back at previous assignments if you can't find something I mentioned in class.

Thursday, 1/16/2003

Download rhythm exercises and sightsinging songs right away, right here.

Rhythms: [.pdf] or [.gif: pg.1 | pg. 2]

Songs: [.pdf] or [.gif]

Start working on group 1 rhythms with conducting and learn the songs with solfege. Try to get going on MacGamut. Send me your startup file as soon as you can so I can be sure that you are doing everything correctly. Email me if you have questions.



Please return your trays to the upright position and fasten your seatbelts - your trip to the land of solfege is about to start. The first thing you need to do is purchase your textbooks for this class. They can be found at the Carriage House Bookstore on Harrison street across from Stuffy's. You will need Music for Sightsinging by Robert Ottman and MacGamut software.

Please read the following! Once you purchase MacGamut you must register it online and get your personalized startup file. You can't run the program without the startup file! You will also want to download the presets file I have prepared for you to make your experience with MacGamut more pleasant and profitable.

Conducting - check this out (give it a minute to load unless you're on a fast connection).