Divya Ramesh


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Graduate Candidate
Curriculum Vitae

Divya Ramesh and Aron Lichtman




Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mumbai University Institute of Chemical Technology, India 

Research interests

I am currently interested in studying  dependence from cannbinoids and opioids.  So far I have investigated the influence of MAGL and FAAH inhibition on both cannabinoid and opioid withdrawal, as well as measuring the potential therapeutic and addictive qualities of substances that modulate endocannabinoid tone.  


Divya Ramesh, Joel E. Schlosburg, Gracious R. Ross, Rehab A. Abdullah, Steven G. Kinsey,  Daniel K. Nomura, Jonathan Z. Long, Benjamin F. Cravatt, Hamid I. Akbarali, Laura J. Sim-Selley and Aron H. Lichtman. “Blockade of endocannabinoid hydrolytic enzymes attenuates precipitated opioid withdrawal symptoms in mice”. JPET; in press.

Divya Ramesh, Joel E. Schlosburg, Jason M. Wiebelhaus and Aron H. Lichtman. “Marijuana dependence: Not just smoke and mirrors”. ILAR J; Accepted for publication.

Schlosburg JE, Blankman JL, Pan B, Nguyen PT, Ramesh D, Kinsey SG, Booker L, Burston JJ, Abdullah RA, Long JZ, Ghosh S, Wise LE, Selley DE, Sim-Selley LJ, Liu QS, Cravatt BF, & Lichtman AH.  "Sustained inactivation of monoacylglycerol lipase produces functional antagonism of the brain endocannabinoid system". Nat Neurosci. 2010 Sep; 13(9):1113-9.

Joel E. Schlosburg, Brittany L.A. Carlson, Divya Ramesh, Jonathan Z. Long, Benjamin F. Cravatt and Aron H. Lichtman. “Inhibitors of endocannabinoid metabolizing enzymes reduce precipitated withdrawal responses in THC dependent mice”. AAPS J, 2009 Jun; 11(2):342-52.

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