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Behavioral assays and equipment

* = Automated test systems used to reduce variability

Pain & Inflammation

  • Acetone-induced cold allodynia test

  • Carageenan test

  • Cold plate test (allodynia)

  • Collagen-induced arthritis model

  • Formalin test

  • Hargreaves plantar stimulator test (hyperalgesia)

  • Hot plate test (analgesia)

  • LPS-induced edema model

  • Neuropathic pain model (chronic constrictive injury of sciatic nerve)

  • Tail flick test (analgesia)

  • Tail immersion test (analgesia)

  • Visceral pain models

  • von Frey test (mechanical allodynia)*


  • Barnes maze*

  • Conditioned freezing test* (conditioned fear)

  • Morris water maze*

  • Passive avoidance*

  • Radial arm maze

Depression and anxiety

  • Elevated plus maze*

  • Light/dark box test*

  • Marble burying test*

  • Open field test*

  • Porsolt forced swim test*

  • Tail suspension test*

Locomotor & General activity

  • Activity chambers equipped with Anymaze tracking software*

  • Infrared home cage activity chambers*

  • Open field test*

  • Rotarod test*

Evaluation of drug dependence and tolerance


Transgenic & knockout mouse strains

  • FAAH (C57BL/6 and DBA1/J background)

  • FAAH-NS (Neural tissue-specific FAAH k/o)

  • CB1

  • CB2

  • GPR55

Endocannabinoid quantification via LCMS

Small animal surgical suite

Receptor binding assays

Hormone assays

Cytokine ELISA

Confocal microscopy

Histology core facility


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