Michael A. Robert, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor
   Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
   Virginia Commonwealth University


I am a biomathematician interested in utilizing mathematical models to study the environmental, ecological, evolutionary, and anthropogenic processes underlying the outbreak, spread, and control of infectious diseases. My recent research has been focused on mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and Zika. My research interests span the areas of population genetics, population dynamics, epidemiology, optimal control theory, stochastic modeling, and spatial modeling.

I joined the VCU Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in August 2020. I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (minor in Spanish) from Mississippi State University before beginning my graduate work at North Carolina State University in 2008. I completed my PhD work in August 2013 in the Biomathematics Graduate Program within the Mathematics Department at NCSU under the direction of Alun Lloyd (Mathematics) and Fred Gould (Entomology/Genetics). Following graduate school, I spent nearly 4 years at the University of New Mexico in the Department of Biology and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics as a postdoctoral fellow working with Helen Wearing. Before joining VCU, I was an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Data Science in the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics at University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

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