VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Fall 2020

All Seminars Will Take Place on Zoom
Meeting ID: 929 757 99914
Password: A length 10 word formed from the word "graphs" (all lower case) followed by the smallest 4 prime numbers.
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Title (Click for abstract if available)
Wed. Sep. 2 1:00-1:50 Neal Bushaw (VCU) What is Additive Combinatorics?

Wed. Sep. 16 1:00-1:50 Jan Goedgebeur (Ghent University) Generation algorithms for solving mathematical and chemical problems

Wed. Sep. 23 1:00-1:50 Eric Foxall (Univ. of British Columbia) Identifiability and the lookdown representation of neutral population models.

Fri. Sep. 25 3:00-3:50 Christopher Flippen and Essak Seddiq (VCU) Quotients of the Gordian Graph. (Co-organized with VCU Geometry and Topology Seminar)

Wed. Sep. 30 1:00-1:50 Mark Kayll (Univ. of Montana) Edmonds, KE, and Egerváry graphs

Wed. Oct. 14 1:00-1:50 Nico Van Cleemput (Ghent University) Perfectly-hamiltonian graphs -- and beyond!

Wed. Oct. 21 1:00-1:50 Bobby Jacobs (VCU); Kevin McCall (VCU) McCall: Dominating the Semi-Strong Product of Graphs. Jacobs: Results on prime graphs.

Wed. Oct. 28 1:00-1:50 John Gimbel (Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks) Remarks on the Fractional Chromatic Number of a Graph

Wed. Nov. 4 1:00-1:50 Debra Boutin (Hamilton College) Determining Number and Cost of Distinguishing Graphs

Wed. Nov. 11 1:00-1:50 Vic Bednar (VCU); Essak Seddiq (VCU). Bednar: Rainbow Turan Numbers. Seddiq: On the t-Target Pebbling Conjecture.

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