Statistical Methods in Systems Biology

BIOS 691-803; Winter/Spring 2008
Instructor: Dr. Mark Reimers, VCU


Review of transcription biology
Technologies for gathering data
Multivariate analysis of pathways and GO functional groups
Comparison of pathway configurations between control and disease/treatment groups
Outlier analysis to identify causal processes in genetic disease
Inter-individual variation as a measure of pathway dysfunction
Integrating epigenomic and transcription data
Multivariate analysis of epigenomic data
Integration of epigenomic and transcription data
Promoter analysis
Enrichment analysis of motifs in promoters of regulated genes
Combining a priori thermodynamic modeling and expression data
Use of ChIP array and expression array data to infer transcription factor binding sites
Genetic genomics
Expression as a phenotype
Highly parallel linkage peak analysis
Network analysis using Gene Ontology categories
Combining promoter and genetic analysis
Class Presentations