Current Collaborations

Mark Reimers



Whole Genome Association study for schizophrenia (Brien Riley, Ken Kendler) [grant to come]

Whole Genome Association Pooled Study (Amy Adkins & Brien Riley)

Alcoholism association study using NIH addiction chip (Gursharan Kalsi & Brien Riley)

Akt pathway expression in schizophrenia and BPD (Vladimir Vladimirov)

Meta-analysis of DTNBP1 studies (Brion Maher, Ken Kendler)



Analysis of T. cruzi infection time series (Greg Buck, Valentine Kazlova)

Finding alien genes (Jeff Elhai)



Prediction of outcome for radio-therapy of HNC (Catherine Dumur) [grant]

Gene expression changes in liver cancer (Martha Behnke and Valeria Mas) [Ph.D thesis]


Reliable measures for activation of olfactory bulb in obese persons (Vishy Ahluwalia Birgit Kettenmann) [Ph.D thesis]

Delineation of smell response pathways via fMRI data (Birgit Kettenmann)

Imaging of traumatic brain injury (Panos Fatouros & Birgit Kettenmann) [grant to come]




Distinction between Inflammatory and other breast cancers by expression profiling (Stefan Ambs)

Separating tumor from stroma and blood cells in expression profiles (Stefan Ambs)

Detecting signature of cancer from gene expression in alternate breast (Stefan Ambs)

Investigating evidence for EMT in proximal stroma (Stefan Ambs)

Patterns of methylation in NCI 60 (John Weinstein)

Patterns of chromosomal aberration in NCI 60 (John Weinstein)



Contributions to MAQC project (Jean & Danielle Thierry-Mieg)

Analysis of Affymetrix arrays (Jean & Danielle Thierry-Mieg)


Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Cancer Center

Understanding differentiation of B-cells using expression and methylation profiling (Rita Shaknovich and Ari Melnick)

Predicting DLBCL/FL relapse using expression and methylation profiling (Rita Shaknovich and Ari Melnick)

Analysis of genomic profile response of HCT 116 to various demethylating agents (Maria Figueroa and Ari Melnick)

Predicting response of DLBCL to drugs using expression and methylation profiling (Leandro and Ari Melnick)

Cold Spring Harbor Labs


Analysis of gene expression data from fly memory task (Partha Mitra and Josh Dubnau)

Analysis of joint EEG/MEG data (Partha Mitra)