1.   No Data Entry Staff Required
No centralized staff is required to do data entry since all authorized VCU faculty, staff, and students can submit their events in final format.

2.   Only See Upcoming Events
You do not have to scroll past events that have already happened since events that have happened are automatically archived.

3.   Searchable
The entire contents of the calendar are searchable either by category or by full text.

4.   Fully Web Enabled
Each event description page can contain links to additional information about the event, to the event sponsor, and to campus maps as well as Email links for more information or for special accommodations.

5.   No HTML Required
No HTML programming is required to create a fully web enabled event.

6.   Insures Communications
The system automatically generates Email in order to insure proper communication between the event submitter and the event reviewer.

7.   Insures Complete Information
During the submission process, the system checks to see if all of the mandatory fields are filled in. The system then informs the submitter either that their event has been successfully submitted or that additional information is required.

The event submitter, using the preview option, can see their event exactly as it will appear in the live calendar, including all links.

9.   Customizable
All university departments can create their own customized interface to extract the events of their choice.

10.  Scalable
A future project is to integrate the Events Calendar with the University's automated room scheduling system.