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Fall 2020 - IT Infrastructure & Security

Link to Zoom Virtual Classroom: Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:00 & 3:30


(12/11) Points are posted with final grades. They include all late work received through this morning and all the exams and quizzes taken at the exam times. Any errors or omissions you may find, please let me know.

It's a pleasure to see so many As and Bs and so many excellent LAN projects, even if looking at them can quickly blind me, it's good to see. Please, don't undervalue the importance of good-looking technical drawings in a portfolio and practice these skills whether you scored highly on the LAN project or not.

(11/10) Quiz #3 will be given at the last class meeting on Thursday the 19th. The exam time for the class will be used for re-taking one of the earlier quizzes or for a 1:45 exam for 60 points that has questions from all three quizzes and will replace the earlier scores. Exam times can't be changed, but students can attend either that's convenient. Exam times are:

The LAN Project's due date is unchanged, Thursday the 12th. An email will be sent from BlackBoard for you to reply with a single pdf with your project attached.

(11/10) Points are posted through the Simple Bill of Details.

(11/10) The Data Centers topic is assigned. Some certification guides start with a chapter like this topic, which outlines some of them. 'The Cloud' is just a bunch of servers running in Data Centers and IX-Internet Exchanges. This topic describes the data centers they run in. Any network that needs to be up and running to do business should be in a data center or a network closet that has data center features...

(10/27) Class today was a read thru and Q&A of the Memo from the Boss, calling out stuff that needs to be on the Simple Bill of Details due the 29th. There's another chance for Q&A in class on Thursday.

(10/22) Class meeting 10/20 Walkthru Memo, Floorplan, and Rack Diagram

(10/20) The LAN Project is due November 12th. Please read through the Memo From the Boss with a highlighter and come up with the list of hardware, software, and services to get the new warehouse on-line. Study the floorplan and rack diagrams and figure out where everything goes.

A Simple Bill of Details' is due October 29th showing what you plan to purchase for the new DMLH Warehouse. Be specific with models and specifications. The final project needs separate purchase orders for each supplier, but this simple bill of details can be in a single spreadsheet or handwritten notes.

Prior Notes

Notes from earlier in the course are found here: Prior Notes.


IT Infrastructure is considered in three parts: Computers, Storage, and Networking. A professional in IT is expected to know about security and professional standards and principles of transaction logging, backup, and best practices for providing as close to 100% availability and security as is possible. Skills in technical drawing and unix and windows at the command line are valuable in a portfolio of stuff when it's time to look for a job. These are the topics covered, will be dated as they're introduced in class...

LAN Project:

(10/13...) First, a Simple Floor Plan. Then the LAN project: Memo From the Boss, Visio demo, Intro to Networking, DMZ Firewall, Rack Diagram, Office Floorplan with Network Drops, Read and Follow Directions, Prep Purchase Orders & Summaries of up-front purchases and recurring costs. Videos: Simple Floor Plan | Memo From the Boss & Rack Diagram


(10/13...) Definitions; Sketch The Internet & Ethernet; Visualize & Secure Network Traffic; Setup a LAMP Stack in the cloud, firewall it; Infrastructure & Regulation, Management; Data Centers & IX; LANs; Network Management and Security Tools; Visualizing Traffic: Internet, LAN, WiFi Analysis, RF Spectrum, Firewall & its Logs, Packet Sniffing, Port Scanning; Networks Surveyed by Name, Size, & Technology; PSTN, Ethernet, Internet, VPN, Real Private Networks; The Ground & Fried Networks... Study Questions | Lectures for Networks Topic (updated 6/30)

Data Centers

(11/10) Data Center Fundamentals; Tradeoffs: Onsite vs. Data Center, Mainframe vs. Server Farms; Provisioning a Data Center; Internet Exchanges... (Video Lectures | Study Questions)


4 or 5 Generations of Programming Languages; Types of Software: Malware, Security, Version Control & Divers Others...

Data Structures & Algorithms

Watch this spot...

Prior Topics:


(8/14) Syllabus, Provost's Policies, Classroom Behavior &c, Quiz & Makeup Policy. On-line: Headset is nice to have, quiet place with builtin mike and speakers is OK, Id held next to face may be requested at quiz time...


(8/17) Platforms: Hardware, Software, Dependence, Independence, Cross-Platform, Scalability; VARs, Vertical Markets, CPUs; Operating Systems: FOSS & Proprietary; 7 Modern OS Functions; Range of Hardware Platforms: Embedded through Super (Video Lectures | Study Questions)

Hands on Linux:

(8/17) Working server-side with linux command line and the vi editor. Develop an outline for a brief on an approved topic about the IT marketplace, suitable for a blog or portfolio at LinkedIn. Publish the brief as a mobile-friendly website, responsive, standards-compliant, a clear example of semantic markup that fits the outline. (HOL Parts 1 thru 3 Video Lectures)

Security & Professional Standards

(9/15) Pillars of Information Security: CIA, CIAAN, ACID, Transaction Logging, Backups, Redundancy in Depth; Protection; EDI; Threat vectors; Professional Standards: COBIT, ITIL, GES, SOX, PCI, HIPAA, &c... (Study Questions | Video }


(9/17) Current Storage Tech: HDD, SSD, Flash, Hyperconverged, Cloud, &c; EDP History: Cards, Tape, Drum, Disc, SSD; HDD Geometry and Management: CHS vs. LBA, Slack Space, Fragmentation, &c; RAID; Attachment: DAS, NAS, SAN, NFS, The Cloud; Transaction Logging & Backup... (Video Lectures | Study Questions)

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