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(7/3) Here's a quick sketch of a class diagram for an app similar to your Project #2.

Command Line & vi: It was good to see so many in the class able to sit and be productive at the unix command line with very little prompting. I expect everybody's got time to get comfortable there before points are due. I have been showing students how to work in this environment since 1981 and most catch on easily, especially since bash uses PC keyboard edit keys. Unix is ubiquitous these days and demand for these skills remains high. I've had lots of grads tell me that ability to work at the command line and maybe interpret what's in the logs got them their job. Lots tell me they couldn't interview because they couldn't do it. My best advice is to learn it and put it on your resume along with Windoze and IBM i or z, there's more unix than ever and more value in integrating all these environments with it. Nothing pisses a technical interviewer off more than somebody who's derisive or dismissive of the command line and can't navigate or edit a file without a GUI.


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