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Contents: Volume 7(4)

Jon Glover Editorial
Raymond Hargreaves A Poem in German
Ian Fairley Review
Eugene Dubnov Three Poems
Ismail Bala Garba Four Poems
Linda Chase Four Poems
Fred Voss Two Poems
Anis Shivani The Birth of a Nation
Diane Furtney Two Poems
Andy Jordan Two Poems
Yvonne Blomer Five Poems
Dawn Wood Two Poems
N. Josephs Bessborough Street
Stan Smith Journeys to War
M. Daruwala 'Never to have lived is best, ancient writers say. . .'
Antoinette Fawcett Hitler's Road - Berlin 1968
Ruth O'Callaghan Four Prose Poems
Peter Carpenter Yesterday's Solution
Louis Daniel Brodsky Two Poems
Dai Vaughan Shower
Julia Deakin Pueblo Blanco
Joel Lane Pluto
Alice Lyons Three Poems
Sally Festing Three Poems
Anzhelina Polonskaya Three Poems (trans. Andrew Wachtel)
Margaret Young Five and Dime Poetics
Joy Bouldin Dirt
Catherine Eisner Elegy from a Locked Drawer
Joanne Merriam Calendar of Dreams
Miltos Sachtouris Three Poems (trans. Evan Jones)
Rebecca O'Connor Two Poems
Kathleen Hellen Two Poems
David Hart Two Poems
Richard Marggraf Turley Zapped
Iain Britton Be my metaphor
Mark Terrill Five Prose Poems
DeAnna Stephens Vaughn September Pictorial
Dana Smith Two Poems
William Palmer Two Poems
M. A. Schaffner Two Poems
Estill Pollock The Water Bearer
Rachel Sills Two Poems
Susan Tearoe Making Like Nice
Barbara Bridger A Holding Situation
Gréagóir Ó Dúill Two Poems
Margaux Poueymirou Four Poems
William Males The Last Time I Saw Theo van Biels
Ian Fairley Review
Denis Flannery Review
  Notes on Contributors

Selected Contributors:

Eugene Dubnov.Born 1949 in Tallinn; educated Moscow, Bar-Ilan, London Universities; taught Russian, English, American and Comparative Literature, as well as Jewish History; Writer in Residence, Carmel College, Oxfordshire; Wingate Scholar, London (1984-93). Three collections of verse in Russian; poems and short stories in English in periodicals and anthologies in USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. Work also broadcast by the BBC and published in French, Hebrew and German translation

William Males deserted the US Army during the Vietnam War and has been living in Sweden ever since. He is currently finishing a book about these experiences. 'The Last Time I Saw Theo van Biels' is an offshoot of that project. Males contributed three stories to Stand during the 1990s.

Fred Voss has been a machinist in steel mills and aerospace factories for 30 years. His latest book, Carnegie Hall with Tin Walls, is available from Bloodaxe Books.

Gréagóir Ó Dúill was born in Dublin, raised in County Antrim, educated in Belfast, Dublin and Maynooth where he took his PhD. He was recently Lecturer in Contemporary Writing in Irish at Queen's University, Belfast and currently lectures in Creative Writing in the Poets' House at Waterford Institute of Technology. Much published in Irish, he is more recently concentrating on work in English and has been widely published in the journals in Ireland, Britain and the United States. He lives in Dublin and in the Donegal Gaeltacht.

Anzhelina Polonskaya was born in Malakhovka, a small town near Moscow where she still lives. Her first book of verses Svetoch Moy Nebesny (My Heavenly Torch) appeared in 1993. Since then, she has published: Stikhotvoreniia (Verses), 1998; Nebo glazami riadovogo (The Sky in a Private's Eye), 1999; Golos (A Voice), 2002. A Voice was shortlisted for the 2005 Corneliu M Popescu Prize for European Poetry in Translation. Her works have been published in Moskovsky Komsomolets (poets' competition), Arguments and Facts (in memory of Galina Starovoytova), as well as Moskovsky Vestnik, Gorodskoe Review, and Poetry magazine. Her work has been translated into Dutch and Spanish.

Anna Shivani's novel-in-progress, Intrusion, deals with an American anthropologist researching a squatter settlement in contemporary Pakistan. Just finished is a new collection, Anatolia and Other Stories, grappling with the historical paradoxes of multiculturalism.

Dana Littlepage Smith lives in Devon with her husband where she gardens, paints and teaches at Exeter Cathedral School where she is working on shrinking her carbon foot-print. Her second collection Black Elk Dances for Queen Victoria was published this summer by Cinammon. Her poetry has won various awards on both sides of the Atlantic.

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