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Contents: Volume 6(3)

John Whale Editorial
Kirill Sokolov: Obituary
Tony Rudolf Letter
Michael Hamburger Aging V.
Her Birthday's Weather
Against Brightness
Judith Kazantis Key West in the Evening
Key West by Way of Ithaca
Jonathan Glasser Untitled
Daniel Weissbort Brown Street, Hickory Hill
What Woke Me
Larry Rubin Options to Sausalito, Across the Bay
Craig Coyle A country road in Massachusetts
Anne Fitzgerald In the Family
Brian Swann Walking Across the Room
Telephone Wires
The Chef
Lucien Jenkins Silver Birch
Adrianne Marcus Genetics, Morphology and Preventive Psychology
Alex Smith Skull of the Child Bride
Patrick Sylvain Stuggling with Salsa
Penelope Shuttle Letter
Grevil Lindop Letter
Mark Hamilton Dreamt Postcard
Su Shi Written on the Wall at West Forest Temple
Xin Qiji Drunk (translated by Cornelius Medvei)
Henry Marsh Seasonal
Marita Over Letter
Roger Moulson Down Addingford Steps
David Grubb Silent Warning
And the Map Said Look
About the Glorious
Mikhail Zoshchenko The Hat (translated by Robert Chandler)
Pat Winslow Learning the Language of Buses
Jenny Shepherd Thank You, Gina!
Nathalie Handal Kolo
Agnes Adobe Chlorophyll
This is what I want to know
Mother Goose
Bernadette Higgins Late
Maurice Asks
Denis Flannery Review: Seamus Heaney's The Burial at Thebes
Grevel Lindop Review: The Letters of Keith Douglas



Selected Contributors:

Agnes Adobe writes about the value to be found between borders. Here influences include Mina Loy, Lorine Niedecker, and Rene Char.

Robert Chandler's co-translations of Andrey Platonov have won several prizes. His Russian Short Stories from Pushkin to Buida is published by Penguin Classics; his translation of Amid Ismailov's The Railway — an exuberant novel set in Soviet Central Asia — by Harvill Secker (March 2006).

Anne Fitzgerald's last collection was Swimming Lessons (Stonebridge, Wales 2001). She has edited, produced and designed four anthologies of young adult's poetry including Deep Canyons (Loreto Abbey Press, Dublin 2005).

Denis Flannery teaches at the School of English, University of Leeds. His research interests include American literature and cinema, Victorian literature, twentieth-century and contemporary literature, eighteenth-century, Henry James, legal-literary relations, gender studies and queer theory. His next book will be on the relationship between Waiting, Action and Cultural Forms.

Jonathan Glasser was born and raised in eastern Connecticut. He currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he is working towards a doctoral dissertation on North African social history and performance tradition.

Michael Hamburger was born in 1924 and has been writing for 60 years with 150 titles to his name. His most recent collection is Wild and Wounded (April 2004). Circling the Square will be published by Anvil in September 2006.

Judith Kazantzis has published nine collections of poetry since 1977, including her latest, Just After Midnight (Enitharmon, 2004). She is Royal Literary Fund Fellow as Sussex University 2005-6. She has published in Stand for over twenty years and co-judged Stand’s poetry competition in 1996. She will be reading at this year’s King Lynn’s Poetry Festival. She lives in Lewes, East Sussex, with ties to Key West, Florida.

Grevel Lindrop was born in Liverpool in 1948. He is former Professor of English at Manchester University, now a freelance writer. His Selected Poems appeared from Carcanet in 2000. He is currently writing a biography of the poet, novelist and theologian Charles Williams. His other works include A Literary Guide to the Lake District, British Poetry Since 1960 (with Michael Schmidt), and, as General Editor, The Works of Thomas de Quincey (2000-2).

Daniel Weissbort has edited Modern Poetry in Translation since 1965. His most recent collection of poetry is Letters to Ted (Anvil Press). He is Research Fellow in English at King’s College at Warwick University. Ted Hughes and Translation and A Historical Reader in Translation Theory are forthcoming from Oxford University Press.

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