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Contents: Volume 6(2)

Jon Glover & John Whale Editorial
Peter Redgrove Wild Cry from the Glittering Pharmacy
Metal Bloom
Grandma Rules
Getting the Tree Ready
From: The Life of Water
Table Talk
Penelope Shuttle For Peter
Grevel Lindop Review: Peter Redgrove, Sheen
N. S. Thompson Chocolates on a Sunday Night
Alison Trower I Am
Alison Brackenbury Puff
High Notes
By the Bird Table
Todd Swift A Good Person in Snow
Jane Kinninmont Goo
Howard Wright Sunshower
Mark Haddon A Rough Guide
Racehorses at Longchamps Degas, 1906
The Hunt in the Forest
Paula Rego The Assumption
Michael Heller The Assumption
Le Dernier Portrait
Graham Mort Washdays
Lee Sands Rose
Jean Symons Jersey
In a gap
In June
Tony Roberts Perspective
The Noir américain
Stevie Krayer Menorah
Michael Glover Casual People
Connie Bensley Single Room
Ann Leahy Cold Storage
Michael Mott Counters
Lotte Kramer Losing the Earth
Fish Market Now and Then
Richard MacSween Elvis Presley's guitarist plays Colne, Lancashire, 22 April 1999
Anne Fitzgerald Northern Latitudes
Tessa Lund Rose and Vine in West-Country Churches
Angela Leighton 4 am
Sleep Writing
The Sound Mirror, Kilnsea
Andrew Waterman Lava Flow
As I Walked Over
Conversation Piece
Nance Van Winckel A Boy Taps My Car Window with a Stick
The First Drops
Fergus Allen The Fever Hospital
Storyville Portraits
Iain D. Robinson The Seaham Lady
Nicholas Jagger a version of lines 1035-1330 of the Agamemnon
Adrian Smith The Ballad of Piggy Little
Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov The Duck (Translated from the Russian by Robert Chandler
and Nathan Wilkinson)
Edward Larrissy Review: Five Collections from The Gallery Press
Notes on Contributors



Selected Contributors:

Alison Brackenbury’s Bricks and Ballads is out now from Carcanet. Her poems have appeared widely in newspapers and magazines and on BBC Radio 3 and 4. Read more at www.alisonbrackenbury.co.uk

Mark Haddon won numerous awards for his bestselling novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, including Whitbread Book of the Year. His poems have been published in Poetry London, The Reader, Poetry and Audience and the Evening Standard.

Peter Redgrove died in June 2003 and his ashes were scatter in the sea off Maenporth Beach in Cornwall. A posthumous volume of poems, Sheen, appeared in November 2003 from Stride, and a further volume, The Harper, is in preparation. He was awarded the Queens Gold Medal for Poetry in 1996.

Paula Rego has had solo exhibitions of painting and prints in Portugal, the UK, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Denmark and many other countries. A retrospective of her prints will be held at the Talbot Rice Gallery, University of Edinburgh from August 6 till September 24 and then move to other cities around the UK.

Penelope Shuttle’s most recent volume of poems is A Leaf out of his Book, from OxfordPoets/Carcanet, 1999, and was a PBS Recommendation. A new book of poems, Redgrove’s Wife, is in preparation and will appear in 2006. She is a member of Lapidus, and a founder-member of the Falmouth Poetry Group.

Varlam Tikhonovich Shalamov was born in Vologda in 1907 and died in Moscow in 1982. 'The Duck' is part of the Kolyma Tales, an epick cycle of stories based on his experiences in Kolyma, the vast labour-camp empire in North-East Siberia where Shalamov was imprisoned between 1937 and 1956.


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