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Contents: Volume 5(2)

Sarah Corbett Pieta
Don Burbidge Haunted by the Forties
Pastoral Without Logic
Jeffrey Wainwright A point is never alone
Elizabeth Cook Shadows and Angles
Bliss and Vegetables
In the Night
Fergus Allen How the Mind Works
Breakfast Time
Jack Debney Localities
The Errand
Jon Glover Your're Gone; Like Ears
The Sun Rocking
I Thought of Pretty
Andrew McNellie Portrait of the Poet as a Young Dog
Linda France Symmetry
The Two-Cornered Hat
What the Cross Beam Said
Steven Matthews Acting as Decoy, 24th April 1943
After that Week
Hugh Maxton Eurydice
Rhymes for Eurydice
Up and Under
John Whale Mary Toft
Philip Burton The Eviction
...from the Calm Sea
Antrin Lichtnin
William Baer Conspiracy
The Spot
Clerical Error
Marlo Bester-Sproul Security
Matthew Sweeney Purple Roses
The Blue Flower
The Return
The Secrets of a Cactus
Rite of Passage
Southern Cross
Patricia Clark Toward Home
Chinese Print
White sweet clover and all the other
named and unnamed flowers
Tongue Point
Brendan McMahon Black Coyote
Peter Dale Christening
Birthday Last
David Hadley Low Tide
The Lake
This is Like Forgetting
Andrea MacPherson Canada, 1934
scar tissue
searching for edges
Heather MacCloud In the Summer of Flooding
David Sergeant Spring Blossom
Ben Mazer November
The Florentine Silks
Antony Rowland Bogue
A History of the Beard
Davide Trame Prayer
John Goodby from Illennium
Ian Duhig Book Match
'Strata Smith'
Jon Glover Leeds Poets: A Select Review
John Barnard Writing at Leeds 1950-2003
Edward Larrissy Donald Davie Collected Poems
Ian Sinclair Saddling the Rabbit
W. S. Milne Peter Dale Under the Breath
  Notes on Contributors

Selected Contributors:

Elizabeth Cook taught in the Leeds School of English between 1979 and 1984. She is the editor of the Oxford John Keats and her fiction, Achilles, was published by Methuen in 2001. She is currently working on an oratorio with the composer Francis Grier.

Ian Duhig’s most recent book of poems is The Lammas Hireling published by Picador this year. He is the 2003 International Writing Fellow at Trinity College, Dublin.

Linda France currently lives in Northumberland. Her latest collection, Simultaneous Dress, was published by Bloodaxe in 2002.

Andrew McNeillie (b. 1946) has published two volumes of poems, Nevermore (2000), shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best First Collection, and Now, Then (2002), both in the Oxford Poets series from Carcanet. His prose memoir, An Aran Keening (2001), was published in Dublin by Lilliput and in the USA by the University of Wisconsin Press.

Jeffrey Wainwright’s most recent book of poems is Out of the Air (Carcanet 1999). He teaches in the Writing School at Manchester Metropolitan University where he is Professor of English.

Patricia Clark’s poems have appeared recently in The Atlantic Monthly, Poetry, and Slate. She is the author of North of Wondering (1999; reissued 2003).

Peter Dale’s latest book of verse is Under the Breath, Anvil, 2002. His terza rima version of Dante’s Divine Comedy has just gone into the fourth edition. He is currently poetry editor of Oxford Today and an editorial director of Between The Lines.

Matthew Sweeney’s selected work was published by Cape in 2002, and a new collection called Sanctuary will appear from the same publisher in September 2004.


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