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Cover by Dawn Latané

Volume 14(1) -- #209

David Latané Editorial
Timothy Houghton Six Poems
Barrie Sherwood Blushers and Panthers
Gustavo Pérez Firmat Four Poems
Roberta Swann Two Poems
William Locke Hauser Nice
Nicholas Pierpan Three Poems
Ron De Maris Three Poems
Abby Rosenthal Two Poems
Martin Malone House of Dara
Takamura Kôtarô Six Poems
trans. John. G. Peters
Chris Hardy Two Poems
Ivan Krylov Six Fables
trans. Stephen Pimenoff
Fred Johnston Driving with Henry James
Two Poems
Vinicius de Moraes Poem
trans. Jacob Blakesleu
Eugenio de Andrade Two Poems
trans. Jacob Blakesleu
Manuel Bandeira Poem
trans. Jacob Blakesleu
Antonio Osorio Poem
trans. Jacob Blakesleu
Attila József Three Poems
trans. Jacob Blakesleu
Sergei Esenin Poem
Herbert Woodward Martin Poem
Adam Elgar Three Poems
James Byrne Poem
Jim Finney My Brother
Keith Hutson Two Poems
John McCullough Four Poems
Gary Allen Seven Poems
John Siberry Democracy
Howard Winn Two Poems
Thomas Dorsett Poem
Nicholas Lezard Two Poems
Brian Swann The Angel
Home Sweet Home
N. S. Thompson Review
Owen Lowery Review
Tony Roberts Review
Beau Hopkins Review
Notes on Contributors

Selected Contributors:

Ron De Maris is an Endowed Chair Emeritus from Miami-Dade College. He taught for 40 years. His poetry has appeared in the USA and Canada including in The Paris Review, Poetry, the Nation, The New Republic and many others.

Gustavo Pérez Firmat, a native of Cuba, is the author of several books of poetry in Spanish and English, among them Bilingual Blues and Scar Tissue. He teaches at Columbia University, where he is David Feinson Professor in the Humanities.

Keith Hutson has written for Coronation Street and comedians. His poetry has been published in several journals, including The Rialto, The North, The Interpreter's House and Butcher's Dog. Keith is a recent Yorkshire Prize (Poetry Business) winner, judged by Billy Collins.

Nichola Lezard is a long-standing critic for The Guardian and columnist for The New Statesman, and is returning to poetry after a long absence.

Owen Lowery is a former British Judo champion who suffered a spinal injury while competing and is now a tetraplegic. He is currently completing a PhD on the work of Keith Douglas. His poetry has appeared in Stand, PN Review, Jewis Quarterly, The Times, The Independent and The Guardian.Owen's two poetry collections, Otherwise Unchanged (2012), and Rego Retold (2015), were published by Carcanet.

Abby Rosenthal, a born New Yorker, lived in California, Oklahoma, Washington, DC, and Wyoming before settling in Tennessee. She is the author of Ardor's Hut, a book of poetry.

Roberta Swann was a programme director at Cooper Union's Great Hall in NYC and co-founder of the American Jazz Orchestra. Her poetry and fiction have appeared widely. She has taught at Indiana University and the Bennington Writing Workshop.

Takamura Kôtarô (1883-1956) was a crucial innovator of modern Japanese poetry and was perhaps the first to master modern Japanese poetic form. His 1914 book, Dôtei (Journey), from which the poems in this issue are translated, has been immensely influential on the writers who followed him. John G. Peters is a distinuished research professor at the University of North Texas. He has translated Kôtarô's The Chicko Poems (Green Integer).

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