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Contents: Volume 13(1)

N S Thompson Guest Editorial: The Poetry of War
Alison Brackenbury Six Poems
Maria Taylor Poem
Bill Dodd Four Poems
Sarah-Clare Conlon I See Electric; Off the Grid
David Mohan Two Poems
Adam Flint Two Poems
Eric Paul Shaffer Three Poems
Humayun Azad Poem
trans. Osman Jamal
Roberta Swann Six Poems
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough Two Poems
Portico Brotherton Prize Winners:
Elizabeth Sennitt Clough
Sumeet Grover
Anne Ryland
Three Poems
Mary Michaels Contact Print
Abegail Morley Two Poems
Nhu Huy Ten Poems
trans. Dinh Minh Hang
Simon French Poem
Martin Malone Three Poems
Andrew Latimer Four Poems
James Sutherland-Smith Three Poems
Frances Field Poem
Charlotte Wetton Two Poems
Declan Sweeney Three Poems
Oliver Dunne Five Poems
Brian Swann The Usual; Tequila Sunrise
Tatiana Oroñ Four Poems
trans. Jesse Lee Kercheval
Lola Haskins Two Poems
Jay Rogoff Fine Poems
Ron De Maris Five Poems
Rachel Chambers Promise
Jessica Mayhew Three Poems
Marion Tracy Four Poems
Philip Seal Four Poems
Ian Stephen The Blind Woman from Barvas
Gregg Sweetnam Three Poems
Liz Venn Two Poems
John C Bennett Three Poems
Peter Rawlings Three Poems
Michael Murray Two Poems
Susan Maurer Two Poems
Fraña Šrámek Poem
trans. Booth & Luskačová
Six Italian War Poets Six Poems
trans. N S Thompson
Dan O'Brien Three Poems
Martin Malone Review
Avril Pyman Review
Helen Mort Review
  Notes on Contributors
  Friends of Stand

Selected Contributors:

Alison Brackenbury was born in Lincolnshire in 1953. She is now retired and freely available to do readings. Her ninth collection of poems will be published by Carcanet early in 2016. New poems can be seen at her website: www.alisonbrackenbury.co.uk.

Sarah-Clare Conlon is a prize-winning micro fiction writer, published by Salt, Comma and Flash. An award-winning culture blogger, she writes about the arts for The Manchester Review, Creative Tourist and The Skinny, and was an editor at Elle and Nova magazines

Oliver Dunne has contributed illustrations to Hot Press and The Sunday Independent in the Republic of Ireland, and to Punch and The Oldie in England. His poems have appeared in anthologies and periodicals, including the landmark 100th issue of Poetry Ireland Review (2010), edited by Paul Muldoon.

Helen Mort's first collection Division Street was published by Chatto & Windus in 2013 and won the Fenton Aldeburgh Prize in 2014. She is a Cultural Fellow at The University of Leeds.

Nguyen Nhu Huy is a Vietnamese visual artist, art critic and poet. He is co-editor and author of Essays on Modern and Contemporary Vietnamese Art (Singapore Art Museum, 2009) and manages ZeroStation (www.zerostationvn.org), a complex structure including studio space and room for resident artists. Dinh Minh Hang started her PhD at the University of Bolton in 2012 on a Vietnamese Government Scholarship. She has degrees from Hanoi National University of Education, where she is a lecturer in modern literature. Dan O’Brien is a playwright and poet in Los Angeles. His debut poetry collection, War Reporter (CB Editions, UK; Hanging Loose Press, US), received the 2013 Fenton Aldeburgh Prize. Scarsdale, his second collection, was published by CB Editions in 2014.

Avril Pyman has a PhD on Russian Symbolism from the University of Cambridge. She lived in St Petersberg and Moscow and is now Reader Emerita at the University of Durham. She wrote a survey of poetry translations from Russian into English as they appeared in Stand. She was married to the late Kiril Sokolov who designed a series of covers for Stand.

Fraña Šrámek (1877-1952) was a Czech anarchist and vitalist, poet, novelist and playwright. He underwent military service in 1905, extended for a second year due to bad behaviour. His antimilitary poems appeared in his first book Zivota bido, prec te mam rad and in Modry a rudy (Blue and red) in 1906. Mark Haworth-Booth was born in Yorkshire. He served as curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum. He read in 'New Voices' at the South Bank Centre in 1990, and won the London Writers prize for poetry in 2006. Markéta Luskačová was born in Prague. A leading Czech photographer, known for her series of photographs taken in Slovakia, Britain and elsewhere, she learned Fraña Šrámek's poem 'Report' by heart as a child and introduced the poem to Mark Haworth-Booth.

Greg Sweetnam is a graphic designer. A selection of nine poems appears in Oxford Poets 2004 (Carcanet), edited by David Constantine and Bernard O'Donoghue, and he has been published widely elsewhere.

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