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Contents: Volume 12(3)

David Latané Editorial: My Evergreen Reviews
John Whale Poem
Diane Furtney Two Poems
Jodie Hollander Three Poems
Tomaž Šalamun Two Poems
trans. by Michael Thomas Taren
Ian Madden The Statue-Watchers
John Greening Poem
Yves Bonnefoy Poem
trans. by Michael Grant & Ian Brinton
Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann Eight Poems
trans. with Anthony Rudolf
Ian Harker Poem
Tim Love The Word Limit
Mark Belair Poem
Michael Washburn The Opportunity of a Lifetime
Andrew Fentham Poem
Roger Caldwell Poem
Eluned Gamich The Sunflower Seed
Mark Totterdell Poem
Kathleen Winter Three Poems
David Moolten Five Poems
Michael Loveday Alarm
Denise McSheehy Two Poems
Joey Connolly Two Poems
N. Josephs Through Glasses Darkly;
Three Poems
Steven Blyth Three Poems
Maitreyabandhu Three Poems
Gary Dop Poem
Alice Wooledge Salmon A Billet-Don't at Wagamama
Gill Gregory Two Poems
Joe Dresner Poem
Tony Gaughan The Bay
Marina Tsvetaeva Poem
trans. by Christopher Whyte
Jonny Reid Three Poems
Maria Winnett Asking for Strawberries
Sam Gardiner Three Poems
Izabela Morska Mistletoe
Hannah Copley Poem
William Palmer Two Poems
Donna Pucciana Three Poems
Ian Parks Poem
Navid Hamzavi Royal Wedding
Michael Cadnum Two Poems
Len Krisak Poem and Three Translations
Richard Robbins Three Poems
James Grabill Four Poems
Philip Kobylarz How High the Moon
Jeffrey Wainwright Review
Jonathan Taylor Review
Jack Butler Review
Rodney Pybus Review
Emily Kate Timms Review
N. S. Thompson Review
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Selected Contributors:

Yves Bonnefoy's works include Hier régnant désert (Mercure de France 1958) and Les planches courbes (Mercure de France 2001. He received the Prix Goncourt for poetry in 1987 and the Bennett Award in 1988.

Michael Cadnum is the author of thirty-five books, including the National Book Award finalist The Book of the Lion and his most recent novel Seize the Storm. He lives in San Francisco with a view of the Golden gate Bridge.

Hannah Copley is in her third year of a PhD on the poetry of Geoffrey Hill, Jon Silkin, and Tony Harrison. She writes poetry and is an Editorial Assistant at Stand.

Eluned Gramich is a graduate of Oxford and UEA, currently studying Japanese in Tokyo. She was short-listed for the Bristol Short Story Prize. Her translation of a German short story collection is due to be published this year, and she is working on a first novel.

Tim Love's publications are Moving Parts (HappenStance, 2010) and By all means (Nine Arches Press, 2012). He lives in Cambridge, England. His poetry has appeared in Stand, Rialto, Oxford Poetry, etc., and blogs at http://litrefs.blogspot.com

David Moolten is a physician specializing in transfusion medicine. He lives, writes and practices in Philadelphia. His most recent book, Primitive Mood, won the T. S. Eliot Prize (American version) from Truman State Univiversity Press in 2009.

Miriam Neiger-Fleischmann was born in Slovakia in 1948. She came to Israel in 1949. She has published three volumes of poems in Hebrew. As a painter, her works can be found in the permanent collections of the Israel Museum and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, DC.

Alice Wooledge Salmon, an American in London, writes about Paris, New York, and her adopted city, in fiction and fact. In recent years, her work has appeared in PN Review, The Guardian, Pen Pusher, Spilt Milk, and elsewhere.

Christopher Whyte is a poet and author of four novels. He translates poetry into English and Gaelic. Moscow in the Plague Year, containing nearly two hundred poems written by Marina Tsvetaeva, will appear from Archipelago Press in 2014. He lives in Budapest, Hungary.

Kathleen Winter's first collection, Nostalgia for the Criminal Past, won the Antivenom Poetry Prize and was published in 2012 by Elixir Press. Her poems have appeared in The New Republic, Agni, Field and Tin House.

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