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Contents: Volume 11(4)

Hannah Copley and Emma Trott Editorial: A Dual Perspective
Geoffrey Hill Three Poems
Owen Lowery Four Poems
Andrew Elliott Three Poems
Elke Frensch Chance Encounters
Brian Daldorph Two Poems
J. K. Fox By the River
Norah Hill Poem
C. K. Stead Poem
Jane Downs Poem
Peter Emerson Two Poems
Jeffrey Wainwright Poem
Mario Petrucci Night and Day: an Analysis of Isaac Rosenberg's Poetry
Jon Glover The 1959 Isaac Rosenberg Exhibition in Leeds
N. S. Thompson Poetry: Craft or Reportage?
Thomas Orzág-Land Portrait of a Survivor, Poem
John Greening Two Poems
J. Jason Mitchell Three Poems
J. L. Williams Three Poems
Roger Garfitt Four Poems
Sharona Muir Invisible Sponges
Timothy Houghton Three Poems
Mary Madec Three Poems
Damian Furness Three Poems
Adam Elgar Three Poems
Bibhu Padhi Three Poems
Karol Maliszewski Three Poems
(trans. Natalia Kossakowska)
Martin Reed Two Poems
Oliver Comins Poem
Ian Farley Review
Jonathan Taylor Review
Paul Hague Review
Emily Kate Timms Review
  Notes on Contributors

Selected Contributors:

Hannah Copley is currently in her second year of a PhD on the poetry of Geoffrey Hill, Jon Silkin, and Tony Harrison. She writes poetry and is an Editorial Assistant atStand, and the current editor of Poetry and Audience (Leeds).

Adam Elgar's poems and translations have appeared in several journals. His translation of Alessandra Lavagnino's novella, Truth and Flies, is published by Troubador, and his translation of Don Camillo stories by Giovanni Guareschi is forthcoming from Pilot Productions.

Elke Frensche was born in Germany, and studies in Germany and the United States. She now resides in Berlin. A collection of stories on the American west coast will appear with the title Landmarks Seamarks Her latest work, Dearest Berlin! A City Mediator, was released as an eBook.

Roger Garfitt runs Poetry Masterclasses for the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education at Madingley Hall. His SelectedPoems is published by Carcanet and his memoir, The Horseman's Word, has just come out as a Vintage paperback.

Norah Hill has poetry in PN Review, and was Middlesborough Poet Laureate in 2002. She has three books published: Over the Border (Mudfog Press); Like (laureate collection); Of Many-coloured glass (stories-Paranoia Press). Her work is influenced by her father's wood-carving.

Karol Maliszewski is a Polish poet and literary critic. He has published eleven collections of poetry, five prose works, six volumes of literary criticism sketches, articles for national magazines and poetry journals. He is considered one of the most controversial critics of contemporary Polish poetry.

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