Symbolism in Art
Virginia Commonwealth University
David Bromley, adjunct faculty

Student Projects 2002




Written Projects

Christie Burwell - The Book of Kells

Holly Slonaker - Symbolism in Dreams

Heather Chessman - The Femme Fatale

Juliana Rasnic - Isis and Nut : Ancient Egyptian Art

Tiffany Kimmel - The Suggestive Symbols of Advertising

Casey Arfsten - Symbolism in "Van Gogh's Chair" & "Gauguin's Chair" by Vincent van Gogh

Michael Gruden - Some Renaissance & Baroque Examples of Religious Symbolism in Art



from: A photographic study of Primitive Art inspirations; Images of Animals and People found within Nature - A study of Primitive Art inspirations - by Alison Kuchta

The pattern of a Bear's face can be seen in the rippling waters of the river

Certain prehistoric sculptures are based on
'found' imagery in nature.


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