VCU Discrete Mathematics Seminar
Fall 2014

Speaker (click on title for abstract)
Tues. Sep. 2 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Nico Van Cleemput, U of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)
On the strongest form of a theorem of Whitney
for hamiltonian cycles in plane triangulations
Tues. Sep. 9 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Nico Van Cleemput, U of West Bohemia (Czech Republic)
Structure generation - A case study
Tues. Sep. 16 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Glenn Hurlbert, VCU
An Introduction to Universal Cycles
Tues. Sep. 23 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Keith Mellinger, U of Mary Washington
Minimal Kakeya sets
Tues. Sep. 30 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Mitch Keller, Washington and Lee U
Herzog's Partition Question
Tues. Oct. 7 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Dan Cranston, VCU
Painting Squares of Graphs with Δ2-1 Colors
Tues. Oct. 14 12:30-2:30 Harris 4145 Jack Edmonds
The Traveling Salesman Problem and P vs. NP
Tues. Oct. 21 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Ken Smith, Sam Houston State U
Strongly Regular Cayley Graphs
Tues. Oct. 28 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Michael Abel, VCU
The Jones polynomial of a knot, graphs, and tails
Tues. Nov. 4 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Yongjia Song, VCU
An Introduction to Integer Programming
Tues. Nov. 11 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Craig Larson, VCU
New Experiments in Automated Conjecture-making
Tues. Nov. 18 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 Frans Schalekamp, William & Mary
A Linear Programming Based Approximation Algorithm for the Maximum Agreement Forest
Tues. Nov. 25
Harris 4119
Dan Cranston, VCU
An Introduction to Nowhere-zero Flows
Tues. Dec. 2 12:30-1:20 Harris 4119 C.-Q. Zhang, West Virginia University
Nowhere-zero 3-Flows in Graphs and Signed Graphs
Dan Cranston, VCU
A Proof of Bertrand's Postulate

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