Dipankar Bandyopadhyay

          Professor, Department of Biostatistics,
          Director, Biostatistics Shared Resources, Massey Cancer Center
          School of Medicine,
          Virginia Commonwealth University

One Capitol Square, Room # 737
830 East Main Street
PO Box 980032
Richmond, VA 23298-0032

:         804.827.2058
         Fax:             804.828.8900
dbandyop at vcu dot edu
bandyop at vcuhealth dot org

I am a professor (tenured) in the Department of Biostatistics, School of Medicine at the Virginia Commonwealth University. I am also an Associate Member and Director of the Biostatistics Shared Resources at the VCU Massey Cancer Center.

My primary research interests are in spatial data analysis, survival analysis, robust regression, clustered/correlated data, longitudinal data, nonparametric methods, and also their applications to problems in epidemiology and behavioral studies, mostly using a Bayesian paradigm. My major clinical interest is in oral and craniofacial epidemiology, in particular, investigating periodontal health status and progression through a number of studies funded by the NIH/NIDCR. Other clinical research interests include cancer, diabetes and kidney diseases, substance abuse and alcohol addiction, medical imaging, and neurological disorders, which includes stroke, Parkinson's disease, etc. 

Representative Publications:  [* denotes a student author]
  1. *Guan Q, Reich BJ, Laber E and Bandyopadhyay D. (2019+). Bayesian nonparametric policy search with applications to periodontal recall intervals, (Accepted), Journal of the American Statistical Association - Applications & Case Studies
  2. Wu X, Guan T, Liu DJ, Leon-Novelo LG and Bandyopadhyay D. (2018). Optimal burden test for associations between quantitative traits and genotype data with bi-directional correlations, The Annals of Applied Statistics, 12(3), 1558-1582
  3. Jin I-H, Yuan Y and Bandyopadhyay D. (2016). A Bayesian hierarchical spatial model for dental caries assessment using non-Gaussian Markov random fields, The Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(2), 884-905
  4. Bandyopadhyay D and Canale A. (2016). Nonparametric spatial models for clustered ordered periodontal data, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society - Series C, 65(4), 619-640 
  5. Reich BJ, Bandyopadhyay D and Bondell H. (2013). A nonparametric spatial model for periodontal data with non-random missingness, Journal of the American Statistical Association - Applications & Case Studies, 108, 820-831
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