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  • ENGR 691: Pattern Recognition
    This course will give an introduction to statistical pattern classification.

  • Research Lab: Sensory Intelligent Lab
    I am actively recruting potential students (especially for graduate level) in ECE, please feel free to email your resume to ymotai@vcu.edu

Office: 601 West Main Street
PO Box 843068
Richmond, VA 23284-3068
Email: ymotai@vcu.edu
Phone: 804.828.1281, Fax: 804.828.4269

The Sensory Intelligent Lab(SIL) was was founded in 2008, located in room 313 at Engineering West Hall about 900 sq. ft. at VCU. It houses over $200K in research facilities and continues to grow rapidly. Facilities mainly fall under one of three interdisciplinary areas: computer vision, human-computer interaction, and sensory based robotics. Dr. Motai is the founding director of Sensory Intelligent Lab, and is actively collaborating with other faculty members across departments and colleges at VCU. For example, a recent collaboration initiated outreach on sensory intelligence for biomedical applications such as medical imaging, medical diagnosis support, and surgical robotics, by integrating fundamental studies on adaptive tracking and online classification. The laboratory currently has five Ph.D. students, and several undergraduate senior students.