Links to sources on US-China-Taiwan Relations

Reference of links on China: News and Media

Reference of links on Taiwan: News and Media


Official Media of China (remember that any official media of the Chinese government or Communist Party are not really media in the sense that we know them. They are simply statements of government policy in the guise of news. They are useful in telling China watchers what the government and party thinks of many issues and events.)

China Daily (official Chinese government newspaper)

People's Daily (official paper of the Chinese Communist Party)

People’s Daily in English (if this doesn’t work go to the above Chinese link and find a link to the English version)

China Internet Corporation (run by Xinhua News Agency an official government news service)

Chinese News Agency (official government news service)

China Central Television (CCTV - official Chinese government TV)

CCTV in English ((if this doesn’t work go to the above Chinese link and find a link to the English version)

Official Taiwan news media

Government Information Office Periodicals

Taiwan Central News Agency (official gov’t news agency; English Version-Left Side.)

Independent news on China and Taiwan (independent media from regional and international sources)

Inside China (independent news on China, published by the European Internet Network)

China News Digest (independent news organization that compiles news on China from many sources; this is the best daily news source on what is going on in China)

South China Morning Post (the best English language daily newspaper in Hong Kong; still an independent newspaper to a certain extent, but it can be influenced by Chinese and Hong Kong governments. Their best political reporter on China, Willy Wo Lap Lam, was fired for being too critical of the Communist party)

Hong Kong Standard (also an excellent free and independent newspaper out of Hong Kong)

Taiwan Economic News (independent paper covering business issues)

China Post (independent daily)

Apple Daily (independent tabloid newspaper in Hong Kong -- flashy, sensationalized, with good investigative reporting. In Chinese only as of now)



Chinese Government Description

Chinese Government  Website

Chinese Embassy to the US in Washington DC (a great place to look for information on the Communist Party/Chinese government positions on most issues)

Official Government White Papers (policy statements on key issues)

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

2000 Chinese government White Paper on China’s National Defense

2008 Chinese Government White Paper on China’s National Defense (Chinese)

2008 Chinese Government White Paper on China’s National Defense  (English)

2000 Chinese government White Paper on China’s Space Activities

2006 Chinese Government White Paper on China’s Space Activities


 Taiwan Government

Mainland Affairs Council

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

American Institute in Taiwan (The US government’s "Embassy" in Taiwan. It acts as an unofficial embassy, since the US and Taiwan have no official diplomatic relations.)

Chinese Economic and Cultural Office Information division of the Chinese Information and Cultural Center (a de facto consulate in New York)

Taiwanese Political Parties

Kuomintang (KMT - Nationalist Party)

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP mission in Washington DC)

New Party

General Information on Taiwan (produced by lobby groups or government-related organizations who want to make sure that Taiwan does not get marginalized and forgotten in the world's rush to gain access to the mainland Chinese market)

Taiwan in Washington DC homepage

Security (issues related to China, Taiwan, and the US)

Think Tanks

Taiwan Security Research (Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University page which compiles everything written about Chinese, Taiwanese, and Northeast Asian security)

Chinese Nuclear Weapons (Federation of American Scientists)

Chinese Military Capabilities (Federation of American Scientists)

Confidence-Building Measures for Asia (Stimson Center, Washington DC)

US Government Sources

US China Economic and Security Review Commission

US Department of Defense East Asia Strategy Report 1998

US Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs

Cox Report (US House of Representatives report on Chinese espionage and technology transfer to China)

Annual Report to the Congress on the Military Power of the People’s Republic of China (written by the US Department of Defense, June 2000)

 Report to Congress on the Implementation of the Taiwan Relations Act (US Department of Defense)

US Pacific Command (the military command that operates US military capabilities in the Far East)


Critics of the Chinese Government

Human Rights In China (New York based group that monitors human rights violations in China)

Human Rights Watch -- Asia

US State Department Country Reports on Human Rights (China included)



World Tibet Network News

Canadian Tibet Committee

Tibetan Government in Exile