Links to sources on Taiwan


Taiwan Central News Agency (official government news agency; look down the left side of the page for the English version.)

Taiwan Economic News (independent paper covering business issues)

China Post (independent daily)

China News Digest (compilation of news from many sources, includes news on Taiwan)

Taipei Times 

Government Information Office Periodicals


Mainland Affairs Council

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

American Institute in Taiwan (The US government’s "Embassy" in Taiwan. It acts as an unofficial embassy, since the US and Taiwan have no official diplomatic relations.)

Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (Taiwan’s unofficial "Embassy" to the US.

Chinese Economic and Cultural Office Information division of the Chinese Information and Cultural Center (a de facto consulate in New York)


Kuomintang (KMT - Nationalist Party)

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP mission in Washington DC)

New Party


Taiwan in Washington DC homepage