Links to sources on Japan


  • Newspapers

o       Daily Yomiuri

o       Japan Times

o       Asahi Shimbun

o       Nikkei Net

o       Kyodo News

o       Mainichi Daily News

o       Japan Update (Okinawa)

o       News on Japan (US and Australian-based web news service)

o       Japan Today

o       Japanese newspapers on line (links)


o       Office of the Prime Minister

o       Cabinet Office

o       Ministry of Foreign Affairs

o       Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (formerly MITI)

o       Ministry of Finance

o       Ministry of Defense

o       Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare

o       Japanese Embassy to the US in Washington DC (this has links to information on study abroad in Japan and programs for teaching English in Japan)

o       Supreme Court of Japan

o       House of Councillors (Upper House of Diet)

o       House of Representatives (Lower House of Diet)

o       House of Representatives TV Network

o       Japan International Cooperation Agency (provides technical and development assistance to other nations)

o       Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency



o       Nippon Keidanren (Federation of Japanese Industries)

o       Rengo (Japanese Trade Union Confederation))


  • Politics

o       LDP -- Liberal Democratic Party

o       DPJ -- Democratic Party of Japan

o       JCP -- Japan Communist Party

o       New Komeito

o       Liberal League

o       Japanese Politics (sponsored by Mizuho Securities)