Japanese Prime Ministers (from the 1990s)


PM and Party and Coalition

Date elected

Date removed

Reason for removal

Kaifu Toshiki, LDP

Aug 1989 (replaced Uno Sosuke who had resigned.Lower House elections in Feb. 1990 kept LDP in majority and Kaifu was reelected PM by Lower House

October 1991

LDP removed him, scandals and factionalism

Miyazawa Kiichi, LDP

October 1991

July 1993

Lost no confidence motion in June 1993

Hosokawa Morihiro, Japan New Party, part of seven party Not-LDP coalition

July 1993

April 1994

Resigned, campaign finance scandal from when he was in the LDP

Hata Tsutomu, Japan Renewal Party, part of the Not-LDP coalition

April 1994

June 1994

SDPJ pulled out of Not-LDP coalition; he resigned after LDP submitted a motion for a no confidence vote; a new PM was elected by the Diet

Murayama Tomiichi, SDPJ, part of an LDP, SDPJ, Sakigake coalition

June 1994

January 1996

Resigned due to age and growing frustration with coalition

Hashimoto Ryutaro, LDP, part of an LDP, SDPJ, Sakigake coalition

January 1996, Lower House elections in October 1996 maintain LDP in power and Hashimoto is reelected PM by Lower House

August 1998

LDP fails to win new seats in Upper House election in July; Hashimoto takes the blame and resigns

Obuchi Keizo, LDP; LDP rules alone until 1999.††† Adds Liberal Party (Jan. 1999) and New Komeito (Sept. 1999) to form a coalition

August 1998

April 2000

Suffers severe stroke and passes away

Mori Yoshiro, LDP, as part of an LDP, New Conservative Party, New Komeito coalition

April 2000, Lower House elections in June 2000 maintain LDP in power and Mori is reelected PM by Lower House

April 2001

Approval rating is terrible, hovering around 10%

Koizumi Junichiro, LDP, as part of above coalition

April 2001, in a very contentious election for LDP President, rules changes allow local Prefecture party chapters to tip balance of power away from Tokyo-based party leaders

Retired Fall 2006

Elections held November 2003; retained PM post. Retained post in September 2005 elections

Abe Shinzo, LDP, in coalition with New Komeito

Succeeded Koizumi when Koizumi retired from PM job, Fall 2006

Fall 2007

LDP lost control of the House of Councillors in the summer 2007 elections and Abe took the blame

Fukuda Yasuo, LDP, in coalition with New Komeito

Took over from Abe as LDP sought a strong PM, Fall 2007

Fall 2008

Popularity of Fukuda and LDP continues to fade, so he resigns once the LDP finds a replacement

Aso Taro, LDP

Took over from Fukuda as once again LDP searches for a strong PM, Fall 2008

Calls elections for August 30, 2009; LDP loses

Asoís popularity dives and the DPJ moves ahead of the LDP in the eyes of the voters.Required to call an election by September 2009 and does so one month early.

Hatoyama Yukio, DPJ

September 2009 following landslide electoral victory for DPJ

††††††††††† †††††††

††††††††††††††††††† DPJ†††††† LDP†††††††††††††

Pre-2009††††† 110†††††† 303

Post-2009††† 308†††††† 119

June 2010

Resigned from office after reversing his electoral pledge to relocate US military bases currently in Okinawa and in anticipation of July 2009 Upper House elections (where his leadership might be seen as a liability for the DPJ)

Kan Naoto, DPJ

Elected by House of Representatives upon the resignation of Hatoyama, June 2010

August 26, 2011

Resigned following the tsunami and earthquake.With already terrible approval ratings, Kan was accused of mismanaging the response to the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

Noda Yoshihiko, DPJ

Elected by the House of Representatives following Kanís resignation, August 2011

December 2012

Approval ratings plummet so badly, he dissolves the Diet, November 2012

Abe Shinzo, LDP

December 2012 elections are a landslide win for LDP.Abe becomes PM:

††††††††††††††††††† DPJ†††††† LDP†††††††††††††

Pre-2009††††† 110†††††† 303

Post-2009††† 308†††††† 119

Dec. 2012 †††††56†††††† 294

Still in office

Still in office