The Global Environment


United Nations Environment Program UNEP

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the intergovernmental organization that gathers data from scientists all over the world, convenes large conventions on the subject, and issues official reports through the UN)

Text of the Kyoto Protocol (1997)

Global Environment Facility (intergovernmental organization fund through which governments donate funds to protect the international environment)

World Health Organization on climate change

European Union’s environment page

ENTRI – Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (NGO reference site)

International Environmental Law and Policy (reference site from American University


NGOs and Research Centers

Center for Global Environmental Research (sponsored by the Japanese government)

Center for Health and the Global Environment (Harvard University)

Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment (University of Wisconsin)

Global Environment Program at Brown University

Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (sponsored by Japanese government)


Advocacy Groups

World Wildlife Fund