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Spring 2018

BNFO 620 Bioinformatics Practicum

This course has teams of students (usually 2-3) work on a research project for the semester. The goal is to produce some publishable data. Currently we have projects on protein network comparison ("the microbial pan-interactome"), protein domain interactions, snake genome evolution, and snake phylogenetics and pattern formation.

Students will have to study the pertinent research literature, design a research strategy, find data for analysis, implement code or other solutions, and produce an analysis that leads to a signficant advance in knowledge or insight. Finally, students will work on Wikipedia pages to document the state of the art of their project and finally a manuscript that prepares their analysis for publication.

Time: Tue, 2-3:30 pm, Thu 2-3:30 pm
Place: Harris 3112 (computer lab)

Students: Undergraduates + graduate students
Prerequisites: Introduction to bioinformatics (BNFO 201, 300, 301), Phage Discovery (BNFO 251) or similar.

For bioinformatics students, it will count as a bioinformatics elective. Undergraduates in the Computational or Quantitative/Statistics tracks should confirm with Dr. Herschell Emery how the course would apply to your electives requirements.

Materials required: none (except laptop computer)

Course materials will be selected from current research publications and bioinformatics tools provided (dependent on projects and progress).

See also: Bioinformatics B.S. in genomics (course list)